About Manmeet Kumar

Dr. Manmeet Kumar is a Spiritual Coach who founded Soul Miracles in 2016. She uses her gifts of being a psychic and a medium to enable others to transform their inner core.

Manmeet has had her own interesting journey through life.
Before commencing her work as a Spiritual Coach, she had a successful career in sales and business development. She had a proven track record across many established corporates, engaged in senior management positions. She worked with top multinationals and Indian companies like Taj Hotels, Times of India, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Vodafone, and Economist. It was during this time that her own spiritual development brought her great results.
Dr. Manmeet is a blessed Psychic. Using her clairvoyant abilities, she has helped law enforcement agencies, businessmen, householders, and professionals in achieving success with whatever they were doing. Her spiritual awakening came from this gift through which she was able to locate missing girls in New York.
She is also a Medium who can communicate with life beyond the physical world that you see around. With her Psychic and Mediumship abilities, Manmeet has always stepped up to further the lives of her clients and give the grieving families closure.
As a Medical Medium, Dr. Manmeet has also been able to guide many of her clients to take proactive control of their health.
Truly, she is one of those blessed few on earth who have received and developed these capabilities to an extent where they can be of service to other people.
Over a period, her spiritual engagements developed to a point where she left the corporate world and decided to continue the journey through giving. Soul Miracles was created with the hope of developing a community and her own students to whom she could pass on the various gifts that she was discovering during her own spiritual journey.
The Soul Miracles journey started with several types of personal sessions and slowly emerged into workshops. Manmeet believed that it was not enough for people to just have guidance. It was important for people to learn the very methods that she was using to guide them so that they become spiritually sufficient to create their own guidance. Hence was born the current beliefs with which Soul Miracles operates.
Manmeet and Soul Miracles are also involved in several acts of Giving back to society.
• Manmeet regularly visits Jails to speak with inmates on Living a Purposeful Life.
• Manmeet hosts a yearly Cancer Event. This is a platform to create awareness about cancer where people and professionals from all walks of life come together. This platform creates rich dialogues with renowned doctors through the learnings of those who have experienced or worked with Cancer. This non-profit platform gives back to the underprivileged section of the society.
• Manmeet regularly works with the Gurgaon police. Her workshops are a blend of creating balance between duty and family values, courage and compassion and relieving stress and anger.
• Manmeet also speaks in forums and corporates, on topics related to Spiritual Well Being and Courage & Compassion at Work. She is well engaged with senior Leaders for Shadow and transformation work.

Connect with Manmeet

Before undertaking a session or a workshop, you now have the opportunity to connect with Dr. Manmeet over a zoom/ phone call. This would be an introductory session (with no predictions or remedies) that you can seek to get clarity on which service you can avail of, to help you grow in your Spiritual journey.

• The session will give you clarity on the source of your issues or concerns.
• The session will help you to take a decision on which modality or workshop is best suited for you.
• The session will help you to feel more peaceful and settled.

- If you have money blockages
- If you have career decisions to make
- If you need to decide regarding change of city or country
- If you are dealing with issues regarding self-confidence and self esteem
- If you are seeking the spiritual path but do not know how to move forward
- If you have issues related to your past lives
- If you feel that you are a medium but do not know what to do about it
- If you have sharp intuition and would like to hone it further
- If you feel that you are a psychic but do not know what to do about it
- If you have issues regarding twin flames, soul partners, karmic relationships and are seeking clarity
- If you want to move forward but feel stuck in life
- If you want to know how to solve black magic issues
- If you feel that others are doing black magic on your family and this is an ancestral block
- If you feel the presence of the unknown in your life
- If you have lost someone recently and would like to get connected
- If you want to connect to your spirit guides and Angels
- If you are seeking answers to deep seated issues
The session does not cover any answers to your future but is a guided interaction to help you understand which modality is best suited for you. Manmeet would be guiding you to the source of your problem and helping you take a decision on the modality.

Our counsellor will help you to understand the root cause of your pain. They will help you understand concepts like:
Why are you stuck in life? Are your issues of this life or a past life?
What can you do about it? Suggest a workshop or session for the same.
Is spirituality the answer to your concerns?
How to follow a spiritual path without losing sight of your responsibilities? Suggest a workshop or session for the same.
How can our workshops and sessions be of value to you?
Why are patterns repeating themselves in your life?
Which workshop or session can help you?
Manmeet’s students and clients have seen their lives shift, their health improve, their careers bloom, their relationship issues settle down and they have become joyous and peaceful overall in their life.
We invite you to connect with us and see how you can benefit from learning Spiritual Sufficiency with Manmeet. 

Clients Testimonial

Connect with Dr. Manmeet directly

Price for 20 minutes is 6500/-. You can pay using the link above.