Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

One of the most powerful spiritual modalities known to mankind, Automatic Writing connects people to the Divine Universal Knowledge.

In simple words, Automatic Writing is the process with which we can connect our subconscious mind to a higher source of knowledge, to get guided messages about our future and know what decisions to take in our daily life.

This source can be our guiding Angels, our higher self or the Divine Universal Wisdom. This connection is made through activating our Third Eye Chakra through mediations.

Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to tune into the higher energies. It is an experiential journey that is made easy by the extensive pre work done before the main workshop.

You should take this service if you feel that you would like the Divine Powers to guide you in every decision of your life. From simple decisions to complex ones, this is the go-to process that will help you take the right decisions for your life.

This is an ancient tool that has been used over centuries, by psychics themselves, to guide others. Be it decisions regarding your career, home, office, relationships, health or children, the Angels are waiting to guide you towards joy and happiness!

This tool can help you to be spiritually sufficient and take decisions about your life in a guided and knowledgeable manner. This service is available in the form of workshops. 

This tool is most helpful if:
● You are seeking the purpose of your life. You want to find meaning and live a life with direction and clarity.
● You want to strengthen your relationships and know why some relationships are the way they are. You would like to forgive with ease and be able to move on. You want to know the lessons in each relationship, so you can deal with them peacefully.
● You are on a twin flame journey and would like to know the lesson. Or you are involved in a painful relationship and would like to know what direction to take. Meaningful connections are evading you and you wish to create deep connections.
● if you are a writer or blogger, then Automatic Writing will help you channel your book or blog seamlessly. Many books have been written by channeling the divine source. Examples are Laws of the Spirit World by Khursheed Bhavnagri.
● If you want clarity regarding your career and choices in life, Automatic Writing can help you with your long- and short-term strategy. It also helps in knowing who to trust, making your business plan and decisions around what kind of business would suit you.
● It also helps you to make good career choices.
● It helps you to understand your lessons with your children, and how to deal with them in the best possible way. Automatic Writing also helps you to deal with special needs children and knowing their gift.
● If you are intrigued about the Spiritual journey and would like to activate your third eye and move forward on this journey with ease and direction.

Although this technique is very deep, it can be learned with ease and strong pre-work. Contrary to popular belief, everyone can learn how to connect with Guides. It is not mandatory that one has to have years of spiritual experience or been practicing meditation.
What does help however, is the following:
● An intent and an open mindset towards the process.
● A belief in the universe or a higher source of energy. A belief that the guides or this higher power supports us.
● A belief that you are worthy and capable of connecting with your spirit guides.
● A strong mindset to dedicating time out of your schedule to practice.
● A curious and inquisitive nature that probes into your lessons and purpose of this life.
● A positive mindset that will keep you self-motivated during the process.
Our pre work is extensive and helps you to train your body, mind and soul before the actual workshop. The exercises and reading material will support you through the journey of understanding this technique. Our team will be always there to support you through this.

We have had a cross section of people across various industries, age groups and professions including:
● Lawyers
● Doctors
● Defense personnel
● Home makers
● Students
● Crime journalists
● Life coaches
● Healers
● Industrialists
● Corporate executives
● CEOs
● Teachers
Seekers of spirituality

Automatic Writing is a guiding tool to help you with decision making and leading a life of purpose and productivity. Through connecting with Guides, it enables you to get the best guidance suited to your purpose on Earth. The situations of your life are seen from the filters of your soul lessons, thus enabling you to complete your contract here on this planet.

1. You start as a: Automatic Writing Learner
2. You can move to being an: Automatic Writing Practitioner
3. And you can also learn to be an: Automatic Writing Trainer

- Automatic Writing Level 1
- Automatic Writing Level 2
- Automatic Writing Level 3
- P1- Practitioner Level 1
- P2- Practitioner Level 2
- TTT- Train the Trainer
Please call us for detailed content of these workshops.

Dr. Manmeet believes in the fundamental Universal law that all true and lasting changes take place because of a change in consciousness. We follow methods that help our clients in adopting new beliefs, perspectives, and attitudes. Once this shift happens, the vibration point of an individual changes and the Law of Attraction manifests the highest best.
Additionally, we help our clients make ongoing changes in consciousness and align their thoughts, feeling and actions to their new beliefs. This ensures a lifelong attitude of evolving sufficiency.

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Practitioner Programme

Automatic Writing Practitioners support others in creating healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling lives. Practitioners recognize the creative power within others and use the tool of Automatic writing to share guided messages about the future and help them to connect to their power.
These people have worked hard on their own transformation and have a deep commitment to the practice of Automatic Writing. They have shifted their consciousness and would like to offer their gift to others, helping then recognize their potential. They can channel for others, giving them future guidance. In essence, they are trained to become Psychics after these levels.
– Practitioner Level 1
– Practitioner Level 2

Train The trainer

If your Life purpose involves training others and becoming a spiritual coach, then this is the programme for you. You become a Automatic Writing Coach after this level is complete.

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