Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers are a powerful natural modality to heal your innermost emotions and through it, various diseases. Started by DR. Edward Bach, these remedies are popular worldwide and work effectively on all imbalances. The essence of 38 flowers found in UK, these remedies are a perfect natural solution to many fears, anxieties, doubts and other stresses we carry. It also helps in healing chronic and terminal diseases. As an alternate therapy, it is perhaps one of the safest and most powerful ones.

Details of the workshop:

20 January 2022 to 21 January 2022:
Thursday, 20th Jan: 9:30 am to 3:00 pm
Friday, 21st Jan: 9:30 am to 3:00 pm

Why Bach flowers are the most potent yet easy remedy:

1. There is no diet or any other restriction.
2. These remedies can be taken at any time, not necessarily before and after food.
3. No need to swallow the pills with water, these can be taken directly on the tongue.
4. The solution can also be easily taken on the tongue.
5. They can be safely carried in your bag or purse.
6. If these are dissolved in drinking water, they do not cause discoloration of water or emit any smell.
7. There is no expiry date for these remedies.
8. These are non-habit forming and absolutely without side effects (even if they can by mistake and overdoses).
9. These do not create any withdrawal symptoms.
10. They can be easily given to people of all ages- beat newborn or old people and even to ladies at all months of pregnancy.
11. This can be taken value are taking medicines or treatment of other systems because these do not interfere or clash with the action of other drugs and treatment.


No medical background required; anyone can learn these magical remedies. This Workshop is open for everyone. As with all Soul Miracles workshop, these are interactive and experiential, you will learn to make your own remedies too. Case studies, examples, questions, models- all will be dealt with.

What will you learn:

1. What is the Bach philosophy?
2. How the remedies work
3. The connection between emotions and disease
4. Identifying emotions and feelings
5. Identifying stress and trigger points
6. Emotion’s scale and stress chart
7. Various groups of issues:
– The many faces of Depression and how to treat
– How to overcome fear- of known as well as unknown factors
– Mindfulness
– Procrastination
– Anger
– Control issues
– Those who talk too much and are self-focused
– Trusting the flow of life
– Rigidity and control, anger and repression
– Unable to speak out your feelings/ hiding behind a smiling mask
– Handling disappointments in life
– Learning self confidence
– How to instantly boost energy
– Focus and concentration for children
– Handling jet lag, resistance to change, weight issues
– Handling terror and panic, uncertainty
– Dealing with unknown trauma and anxiety
– Blood pressure, panic, knee pain, arthritis, hairfall, acne, back pain and many other physical issues
– Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem
8. Bach Flowers and Terminal disease like Cancer
9. Handling emergencies with Bach Flowers
10. Bach Flower and Chronic Disease
11. How to use these remedies for children, pets and plants
12. How to take these remedies safely
13. How to prepare these remedies
14. Taking Bach Flowers to the world

Support and way forward

1. Detailed information about these remedies through workbooks.
2. Support through a bimonthly call for the next one year where you can ask your questions.
3. Opportunity to work with Soul Miracles as a part time Bach Flower therapist- this is subject to a personal test with Dr. Kumarr. If you are keen, let us know and we will share details.

After this you will be able to:

1. Make remedies for yourself, your family and friends and your pets and plants.
2. Do Bach Flower consults for others.
3. Certificate of Basic Level Practitioner.
The next level is the advanced/Practitioner level after which you can teach this modality.