The work of a Medium is to connect families and living people to the Spirit of those who have passed on from Earth. It is one of the most noble professions, as it helps others get closures after death and facilitates a two-way communication between Spirit and their families. From this course, you will get a complete understanding of what Mediumship is and how you can use it as a gift for yourself and others. This course is open to beginners as well as those who have worked with Spirit before.

Mediumship is simultaneously an art and a science. It can be a gift and it can also be learnt. Mediums transcend the boundaries between the two worlds and raise their energy to a level where they can hear or see spirits. The communication can be through sign language; sometimes Mediums can hear Spirits talk as if they were sitting across.

This course is a platform to teach all aspects and tools of Mediumship. It starts from a beginner level by teaching how to connect with spirit, ascertain messages correctly, enable you to share those messages with families and how to take this as a professional practice.

It covers other aspects related to the process of death, choices after death, how souls move from one dimension to the other and the journey. Concepts like walk-ins, replacement souls, displacement of life at breath, interchanging of souls at any point in a person’s life, are explained in this workshop. Ghosts and stuck souls, souls that are trapped by human interference, entities and their role in human lives are part of this workshop.

How the Medium’s energy and vibration affect a reading are also taught. The concept of light body, chakras and aura is explained at an introductory level in the first part. Gradually, students learn how to build and strengthen this connection over time.

As the level of workshop progresses, deeper practices such as clearing negative energy from your home and personal space, clearing entities and sending them to light etc. are introduced. Black magic and entity attacks- what, how, how do they work and how to protect from them are covered as well. 

Mediumship involves raising the vibration of a medium to an extent where it can communicate with that of a Spirit. This is a high energy process that requires the Third Eye to be activated before learning. This can be solved in two ways. Either you are a gifted medium, or have learnt practices Automatic writing that activates the third eye. It is therefore recommended that people who join this workshop have done energy building work or the first level of our Automatic writing workshop.

The workshop has 3 levels:

  • Beginner level 
  • Advanced level 
  • Practitioner level 

All levels are deeply experiential and offer tools and techniques that help you become a Medium. The practitioner level ensures that you understand this art from the perspective of a professional medium. All levels are guided by Dr. Manmeet herself. 

Beginner and Advanced: 

After this level, you will be able to:  

  • Easily connect with the Spirit World
  • Deal with your fears around Spirits and Ghosts.
  • Get clear messages from Spirit. 
  • Connect with your loved ones who have passed away.
  • Protect yourself from lower or negative energies. 
  • Protect your home and space from negative energies.
  • Protect and shield your loved ones from lower entities.
  • Feel the presence of entities and know the difference between guides and entities.
  • Clear entities to clear the planet of negative energies. 

Practitioner Level: 

This level helps you to take your personal gift to a level where you can help others.

After this you can: 

Successfully set up your own Mediumship practice for: 

  1. Getting and sharing messages from departed spirit with a proper energy exchange
  2. Begin your journey as a professional medium
  3. Handle clients and understand how to give correct messages
  4. How to deal with doubt 
  5. Build Mediumship as your own Life Purpose 
  6. Protection from possession for self and family 
  7. Dealing with groups and clusters of spirits and clearing them 
  8. Clearing your own home
  9. Protection of your own house and business- advanced level

Please write to us for more details on the content of both levels.

You should do this workshop if: 

  • You are intrigued by the Spirit world.
  • You have seen, heard, or communicated with spirits. 
  • You would like to know an explore what is on the other side of death. 
  • You want to closure/connect with a loved one who has passed over.
  • You would like to get direct messages from spirit. 
  • You have a strong sense that your purpose is to become a Medium.
  • You are fascinated with Mediums and would like to learn. 
  • You have a powerful intuition and would like to use it to help the world. 
  • You want to clear your own house of negative energies.
  • You want to clear your own self of any negative attacks or protect yourself from negative attacks.

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