What is Mediumship Practitioner Course?

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Announcing this course is ticking off an item on my bucket list as a Spiritual Coach. Indeed a proud moment in my career. Since there are only a handful of teachers teaching Mediumship in the world, it places tremendous responsibility on my shoulders.

I have taught Mediumship many times before, but this is special. These are practitioners who would be able to do this work for others. Be it connecting people to their lost loved ones, or clearing entities and spaces. I wish them all the very best as they launch themselves as Mediums certified by Soul Miracles. 

The urge to be a Medium for the world started when I lost my mom a couple of years ago. The pain was so intense that I would double up wherever I was- it was like waves of never-ending pain that would threaten to engulf me. This was the time I wished I could connect to her- just one last time, for closure and blessings. 

Being a Medium is a powerful gift that begins with an urge to help a grieving family get closure. As I began to tell you about the Mediumship training, I must confess that I am incredibly humbled at this opportunity. To bring these Mediums into the world and see them help people is truly incredible. 

Let me tell you my story, and how I knew that I was a Medium. I will also tell you what you can do if you are a Medium.

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Just like all small children, I had many imaginary friends as a kid. Many times, I would sense someone in the room- but no one would be there in reality. I dismissed it as my imagination. But as I grew up, I started to understand that this was something more than my imagination.

Do you also sense a presence sometimes? A whisper, a touch, a smell – that you cannot understand? Do you feel people will laugh at you if you tell them about it?

Then one day, someone told me that I am a Medium. It was one of those crystal shops that I had gone to, and I didn’t really understand it.

The term Medium is very often used in the Psychic world. Having an Army background, I could not relate to it. When I googled it, it said that a Medium is a person who is gifted to communicate with people who have passed away. It is basically spirit channeling. 

There were two problems you see. One was that I had a lot of fear. If I could see dead people, then I wasn’t safe. The second was fear of being called “abnormal”. I imagined my friends gossiping about me behind my back.

I started to slowly understand that maybe this was a Gift and not a curse. If you also feel that you have this Gift, then maybe you are a Medium and don’t know it.

Signs You Are A Psychic Medium

  1. You have always feared the dark for unknown reasons.
  2. You have an interest in paranormal sciences.
  3. You feel someone is with you when you wake up in the middle of the night.
  4. You feel someone calling your name (as a whisper), even when no one can be seen.
  5. You can walk into a room and feel heaviness, pressure, and hot and cold sensations.
  6. You recall seeing spirits of deceased family members after the age of three years.
  7. You talked to imaginary friends when you were young.
  8. You have peripheral vision (seeing from the corner of your eye) and often see bright lights.
  9. You know things about people- you can’t understand how, but you just know.
  10. Electronics go crazy around you sometimes. Think flickering lights, fan speed, mobiles blinking on their own, radio starting on its own.
  11. You feel sudden waves of emotions- sadness, fear, happiness, anxiety that is not your own.
  12. You feel strongly connected with people who passed away.

If you have ticked more than 9 as Yes, there is a strong possibility that you are gifted and you should give thought to your psychic abilities. You can hone these skills and become a practicing Mediumship Practitioner. And Yes, I am here to help you with this. 

You can help people with this gift, or you can choose to enhance your Mediumship skills for personal reasons, it is completely up to you. But, please don’t be scared of it or think of it as a curse. It’s a gift. Mediumship training can truly change your life. 




Dr. Manmeet Kumar is a Spiritual Coach who founded Soul Miracles in 2016. She uses her gifts of being a psychic and a medium to enable others to transform their inner core.

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