Pain to Power

‘The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters’

We all possess the capacity to be happy, to experience joy. Yet, many times in life we lose touch with it and we feel that we can never be happy again. Pain is not avoidable in life. But how we respond to pain determines the level of our suffering. It is possible for pain to become an opportunity for growth and even joy! This is however, not well understood by many people, who feel that they must endure pain in the name of adjustment and carrying the load of one’s past life karma. Sadly, research shows that 1 of every 4 people in the world suffers from depression.

This is nothing but the deep pain they are carrying in their hearts of feeling unwanted, misunderstood and guilty. As a society and the world at large, we need to focus on mental and emotional health.

Pain to Power is an experiential journey and an endeavour by Dr. Manmeet to take you from your wounds to your inner power. It is a series of classes where she shares practical tools to deal with the cause of pain. Be it anger, jealousy, depression, dealing with negative people, protecting your energy, relationship issues and multiple other facets, she weaves a path that ultimately enables understanding and inner peace.

At Soul Miracles, we believe that the fundamental pillars of Spirituality are Courage, Compassion and Allowance. These pillars support the concept of “Spiritual Sufficiency”, something that Dr. Manmeet believes is the fundamental of a life well led. These pillars form the backbone of this course and students are taught to use them in their daily life. Eventually, the behaviours that one forms after learning the tools and these qualities, is what gets people to experience their power.

Spirituality, however, is a constant practice; it is not a magic pill, and this is something that we need to remember. If you are getting into this so that you can get instant results; it may be frustrating. To get sustained results in this space, what is required is a lot of deep and regular practice.

When anyone comes into the Pain to Power course, this is about them fundamentally attempting to work on their own self and their own behaviours. In this attempt, there is contemplation, lot of this reflection and in the process, connection formation etc. That emerges for them.

Once these connections are formed, individuals are encouraged to choose a different response mechanism, a different world view. This is the beginning of the changes to make in their life; and changes to implement with the way they connect with others. As people change the way they connect with others, and the way they connect with their environment; a changed set of energies emerges for them.

Now when you make changes, when your energy shifts, when the energy of things around you shift, they can have multiple kind of impacts. Sometimes the impact is that other people change, sometimes it is that people go away from your space, sometimes you will see the desired people will come into your space, etc. Sometimes your environment itself changes, or your own need or want or desire to have something that itself changes.

So, changes can be at multiple levels, when people go through a program like this. This is because you are fundamentally shifting on the inside. One thing is for sure, when you go to be at such deep levels within yourselves, your energy will shift. And this shift is occurring, your belief systems, your values, your approach itself, has shifted.
The other thing is this program helps individuals deeply access the powers that are lying dormant within them. These are our psychic treasures like intuition. We help people achieve this, through expressions of self-love, loving their environment and loving whatever they have in life.

Gratitude and many other behaviours are brought to life with 3 values that we keep working with at soul miracles: courage, compassion and allowance.

Once we are aware of what is blocking us, it becomes easy for us to work on and change that aspect of our thinking, living, and behaving. Emotional pains are just another form of energy, and any energy can be changed with the right kind of awareness, consciousness and focus. The program helps you achieve all these results through it’s structured and layered approach.

  1. People who want to deep dive and understand their Soul journey.
  2. People who want to clear any negative past life blocks of money, success, fame, love, confidence, or black magic.
  3. People who are intrigued by the Akashic Records and would like to experience it themselves.
  4. People who want to connect and get direct messages from their Akashic Guides.
  5. People who connect to Egyptian and Atlantean lifetimes.
  6. People who have done past life regression but would like to know in more detail.
  7. People who want to know if there is any curse or black magic on them or their family
  8. People who would like to clear a loved one who is near death.
  9. Children must get their Akashic Records cleared. Parents should get this done so that they are able to live their life with full potential and not be burdened by past life blockages.

    Anybody who wants to achieve their full potential in life must get their Akashic Records read and cleared so that they can approach life without any past baggage.

This workshop is for people who want to experience their own Akashic Records, meet their Soul guides and know about their Soul journey. A workshop to connect and experience the power of your past lifetimes.

A session is more personal and offers an opportunity to use Dr. Manmeet’s intuitive abilities to channel deep insights into your past lives. A workshop on the other hand, enables you to directly experience the Records. During a workshop, there is no mediator between you and your Akashic Guides. If you have done third eye work such as Automatic Writing, then you would be able to experience the Records. A workshop is a more direct way of approaching your Akashic Records and is recommended for people who are intuitive and would like to know more about their path.

In the end, whether you choose a workshop or a session, the power of the Akashic Records is bound to transform your life.

Since the Akashic Records are a book of past lives and contain all the necessary information regarding the journey of your Soul, they are the most important conceivable proof of your past lifetimes. This makes it especially important for us to read them to know the lessons we are yet to learn.

As part of the energy that we carry from past lives, we carry negative blocks like oaths, vows, curses and contracts. It is also important to clear the Akashic Records from this perspective, as clearing them will render void all the negative blocks. This makes us energetically free to attract abundance in this life. Shedding our past burden frees up space to attract what we want. It is therefore recommended that every individual clears their Akashic Records. It is most helpful to clear the Records of young children and teenagers because they are at a stage of life where they can choose wisely in terms of their career, relationships and marriage.

Automatic writing level one must be completed in order for your third eye to be open. This helps in connecting to the Records. Since this workshop is focused on experiencing the Akashic Records yourself, it is imperative that deep work on the Third Eye has been done in the past. Hence Automatic Writing is recommended as a prerequisite. If you have done some other modalities and feel that your Third Eye has been sufficiently activated, please contact our team to know how we can help you participate in this workshop.

At this stage, the workshop is about connecting and experiencing your own Records. The Practitioner and Teachers Training level workshop is yet to be announced.

  1. This workshop offers a unique opportunity do let go and clear all the past life blocks of abundance, relationships, health and self. Everything that you have been carrying from past lives as a negative energy, including curses, oaths, vows etc. Will be cleared after this workshop.
  2. This workshop is a powerful way of connecting with the journey of your Soul.
  3. This workshop gives an opportunity to connect with your own Akashic Records. It is deeply experiential when one connects to one’s own Records without a third person in between.
  4. It is an opportunity to meet your Akashic record Spirit guides and your team of guides as well.
  5. This workshop helps you to align to your Soul purpose.
  6. You have an opportunity to understand about your life lessons and the unique experiences that you are experiencing in this life.
  7. The why of your life is answered - why certain things are happening to you, why you have not been able to overcome certain relationships, why things are not working as you think they should, why are you experiencing blocks that are not dissolving and much more.
  8. This workshop is also a unique opportunity to understand your Soulmate and Divine Twin flame connections.
  9. Through this workshop you can be in touch with your deepest self and learn to master new behaviours and patterns that will set you up for abundance.
  10. This workshop is a holistic experience at the level of the mind body and Soul to be able to connect you to elevated Spiritual levels where the Records are located. Raising your vibration to these levels will ensure an inflow of Spirituality, abundance and peace.

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