Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an energetic database of all the choices that a soul has ever made. All the decisions, choices and actions that we have ever made in our past lives are part of these records.

History of the Akashic Records
Akashic Record have been known and consulted by ancient Indians, yogis, Egyptians, Tibetans, Greeks, Jews, Druids, and Mayans at one point in time. We can find references into hieroglyphs and ancient texts, the Vedas and the Upnishads,

but only the priests of ancient times were able to access the registers, while only very few esoteric traditions explained that anyone can access it. The keeper of these records in the Indian mythology was “Chitragupta.”

Edgar Cayce, also known as the sleeping prophet, popularized the Akashic Record concept through his Soul Readings. Cayce was learning about Astrology and he felt that this science explained the soul growth and the lessons that one was destined to learn in a particular lifetime. This led him to believe that the various lifetimes of a soul were stops on a long journey, and the records were the keepers of the events that took place in those lifetimes.

“Considering then life, a soul, an entity as a continuous stream of experience—and the activities in the earth’s plane as a lesson that is learned by the entity—the experiences through the astrological sojourns become rather as a digesting or an assimilating of that which has been experienced or gained in the lesson.” (Edgar Cayce reading 1230-1)

Cayce consistently reiterated that we control our own destiny because of free will. In one of the first readings Cayce gave on the subject of astrology in 1923, he stated: “…but let it be understood here, no action of any planet or phases of the Sun, the Moon or any heavenly bodies surpass the rule of man’s will power, the power given by the Creator of man, in the beginning, when he became a living soul, with the power of choosing for himself.” (Edgar Cayce reading 3744-3) It is within this statement that Cayce presents us with the blueprint of our existence: when we choose to live actively self-aware, we acknowledge our relationship with the Creator, and consequently we approach our potential for the expression of our creativity and will.

Another great name related to the study of Akashic Records is that of Rudolph Steiner, that in the Gosperl of Saint John said:’ Everything that happens in the physical sense-world has its counterpart in the spiritual world. When a hand is moved, there is more before you than the moving hand seen by your eye, there is my thought and my volition: ‘My hand must move.’ A spiritual background is there. Whereas the ocular, sensible impression of the hand passes away, its spiritual counterpart remains engraved in the spiritual world and unfailingly leaves a trace there. So that, when our spiritual eyes are opened, we can follow the traces and find the spiritual counterpart of everything that has happened in the world. Nothing can happen in the world without leaving such traces.

Edgar Cayce’s Astrology chart

To understand it more simply, think of it as a book of past lives. A book that has all information about every life that we have lived, and all that transpired in that life. Each chapter covers one life.

Apart from our actions and decisions, what is also important are the lessons we needed to learn in those lives. Unlearned lessons are carried forward into the next life as a repetition. This is the reason why many people feel that this is not the first time they are encountering a particular problem, that they have seen this struggle before as well. We are carrying it forward from our past lives where we did not learn what was required.

Though we think of the Akashic Records as a book and the place where they are kept as a library, in reality, these records exist as energetic databases within our very souls. It is our (third dimensional) mind that makes us think of them as a book, since our mind can interpret things only when they have a shape and a form.

The purpose of the Akashic Records is to show us the journey of our soul. The lives we lived, the lessons we learnt and the lessons that we are carrying forward help us to decode our current life problems. The Akashic Records also give us a sense of our soul strength, our soul guides and a lot of other powerful information that helps us to lead this life with purpose.

The records were made available to humankind in 2013 when the Earth went through a vibrational shift towards the fifth dimension. These records are meant to be used as a tool to evolve consciously.

All the readings of well known psychics suggest that we write our own destiny through our actions, words and thoughts. How we interact with the Universe determines what we create in our lives. It is equally important to understand what we have created earlier through other lifetimes and are still carrying with us as blocks. Knowing them will make it easy for us to lead a more meaningful life, just as clearing them will open pathways to abundance. Are you keen to know about your records?

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.www.edgarcayce.org)
Rudolph Steiner –  the Gosperl of Saint John (GA 112 – October 1909)

  1. An individual session involves a “reading “ and “clearing” of the records. As an Akashic Records expert, Dr. Manmeet channels them and shares the information in specific and deep detail with the client.
    All information pertaining to your soul is shared in this session. Details on Soul groups, Soul blueprint, Soul journey, Soul vibration are shared, amongst the many other things related to your Soul ascension.
    Details about the body and why have you chosen this birth are also shared. This also covers key relationships and your lessons in these relationships. It covers soul contracts and past and present life blocks.
    It is always a powerful and personal experience to get our Records read and cleared. Once the records are cleared, in essence, we are clearing all past life blocks. This enables us to start afresh. An individual session is an excellent gift to yourself, your family and friends. It is personalised and gives you an entire description of the journey of your soul.
    What we find most encouraging is when people deeply connect to the wisdom of their soul and realise why they have the difficulties that they do. We have seen clients being deeply moved by this experience. They are then told what they must do as a follow up in order for the changes to be etched into the soul.
    A personal session can shift your life and will create a deep sense of peace and harmony.
    Please write to directly to Dr. Manmeet on kumar.manmeet@gmail.com if you would like to know more. In case you would like to connect with our team for a detailed discussion on how this session can help you, connect here:

  1. People who want to deep dive and understand their Soul journey.
  2. People who want to clear any negative past life blocks of money, success, fame, love, confidence, or black magic.
  3. People who are intrigued by the Akashic Records and would like to experience it themselves.
  4. People who want to connect and get direct messages from their Akashic Guides.
  5. People who connect to Egyptian and Atlantean lifetimes.
  6. People who have done past life regression but would like to know in more detail.
  7. People who want to know if there is any curse or black magic on them or their family
  8. People who would like to clear a loved one who is near death.
  9. Children must get their Akashic Records cleared. Parents should get this done so that they are able to live their life with full potential and not be burdened by past life blockages.

    Anybody who wants to achieve their full potential in life must get their Akashic Records read and cleared so that they can approach life without any past baggage.

This workshop is for people who want to experience their own Akashic Records, meet their Soul guides and know about their Soul journey. A workshop to connect and experience the power of your past lifetimes.

A session is more personal and offers an opportunity to use Dr. Manmeet’s intuitive abilities to channel deep insights into your past lives. A workshop on the other hand, enables you to directly experience the Records. During a workshop, there is no mediator between you and your Akashic Guides. If you have done third eye work such as Automatic Writing, then you would be able to experience the Records. A workshop is a more direct way of approaching your Akashic Records and is recommended for people who are intuitive and would like to know more about their path.

In the end, whether you choose a workshop or a session, the power of the Akashic Records is bound to transform your life.

Since the Akashic Records are a book of past lives and contain all the necessary information regarding the journey of your Soul, they are the most important conceivable proof of your past lifetimes. This makes it especially important for us to read them to know the lessons we are yet to learn.

As part of the energy that we carry from past lives, we carry negative blocks like oaths, vows, curses and contracts. It is also important to clear the Akashic Records from this perspective, as clearing them will render void all the negative blocks. This makes us energetically free to attract abundance in this life. Shedding our past burden frees up space to attract what we want. It is therefore recommended that every individual clears their Akashic Records. It is most helpful to clear the Records of young children and teenagers because they are at a stage of life where they can choose wisely in terms of their career, relationships and marriage.

Automatic writing level one must be completed in order for your third eye to be open. This helps in connecting to the Records. Since this workshop is focused on experiencing the Akashic Records yourself, it is imperative that deep work on the Third Eye has been done in the past. Hence Automatic Writing is recommended as a prerequisite. If you have done some other modalities and feel that your Third Eye has been sufficiently activated, please contact our team to know how we can help you participate in this workshop.

At this stage, the workshop is about connecting and experiencing your own Records. The Practitioner and Teachers Training level workshop is yet to be announced.

  1. This workshop offers a unique opportunity do let go and clear all the past life blocks of abundance, relationships, health and self. Everything that you have been carrying from past lives as a negative energy, including curses, oaths, vows etc. Will be cleared after this workshop.
  2. This workshop is a powerful way of connecting with the journey of your Soul.
  3. This workshop gives an opportunity to connect with your own Akashic Records. It is deeply experiential when one connects to one’s own Records without a third person in between.
  4. It is an opportunity to meet your Akashic record Spirit guides and your team of guides as well.
  5. This workshop helps you to align to your Soul purpose.
  6. You have an opportunity to understand about your life lessons and the unique experiences that you are experiencing in this life.
  7. The why of your life is answered - why certain things are happening to you, why you have not been able to overcome certain relationships, why things are not working as you think they should, why are you experiencing blocks that are not dissolving and much more.
  8. This workshop is also a unique opportunity to understand your Soulmate and Divine Twin flame connections.
  9. Through this workshop you can be in touch with your deepest self and learn to master new behaviours and patterns that will set you up for abundance.
  10. This workshop is a holistic experience at the level of the mind body and Soul to be able to connect you to elevated Spiritual levels where the Records are located. Raising your vibration to these levels will ensure an inflow of Spirituality, abundance and peace.

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