Mediumship is the communication between a Medium and a Spirit of someone who has passed on.

This service is availed usually by people who have lost their loved ones and would like to connect with them in order to get a closure. Dr. Manmeet, with her innate ability and gift of being a Medium, helps families get closure after the passing over of their loved ones.

This service is confidential and therefore is conducted in the form of a one-on-one session. This can be done online or in person.

Mediums usually get visions and experiences from the departed Spirit; who has passed over. They channel this information for their families through their Psychic senses.

There are many types of Mediums: for some people Mediumship is a gift; and for the others; they have learned to use their psychic abilities to connect with spirits. Many mediums channel through pictures and get connected to the spirit by looking at the picture while they were alive. Other Mediums also take help from their spirit guides to connect to the departed spirit. The Spirit guides show them visions, words, images, feelings and spiritual experiences in the subconscious mind. Spirit guides are instrumental in Mediumship as they help connect the Medium and the departed soul.

- People who have lost a loved one and would like to connect with them.
- People who need closure after a sudden passing away- suicide, trauma or accident.
- People who would like to know if their loved one is at peace.
- People who need answers to certain questions.

Sometimes Mediums go into great detail about the person that they are channelling. It could be that they describe the person or the scene that they can visualise. Many a times, a Spirit describes something that is very close to him/her- it could be a bracelet, their favourite flowers or a much-liked song.
A session is divided into two parts - the first part is about the spirit giving information about their life - their choices, likes and dislikes. This part is where the spirit shares about their memories of this life. How they view their life, their success and failures, lessons and missed opportunities, the chances they took and the regrets they had. Many talk about how they should have moved to another country or pursued a higher education, how they could have taken a stand for themselves but didn’t, how they could have heard their inner voice that would have changed their life.
Dr. Manmeet smiles and says “Mostly, two things stand out in all the readings that I have done so far. Everyone feels that they should have forgiven quickly and not carried the grudges deep within their hearts. The second thing that they say is that love is the answer. Always.” There is a lot to be learnt from the readings, she says.
What we don’t understand from life, we understand from death.
- Dr. Manmeet
The second part of the session is focused on responding to questions that the family has. Here, it is important to understand that the spirit chooses to answer what they would like to. Mediums are pure channels and can only relay information that is passed from them through Spirit.
It is best that we do not ask the Spirit to share visions about the future, but rather concentrate on of closure. Send them peacefully to Light and allow them to move forward on their journey.

A Medium raises their energy to a level where it matches the vibration of the Spirit and communication takes place. This exchange can be verbal or through feelings and gestures. The Medium, depending upon their gift, receives these messages in their mind’s eye. For example, a Medium who has a strong sense of sight (Clairvoyance) is able to see visually in their mind’s eye the visions, images and scenes that are being portrayed. They have clear images of the messages given by the spirit. Another Medium could receive the same messages through feelings, if that is their gift.
Dr. Manmeet has a strong sense of intuition and vision and uses both these psychic senses to be able to get messages from the spirit and pass it on to the grieving families.

A personal session is an interaction with the family of the person who has passed away. This session involves an online or physical presence of the family, the Medium and the Spirit.
In addition to answering their questions, this session is meant to give closure and comfort to the family. The questions need to be sent in advance, though last minute questions can be taken as an exception. We request for the picture of the deceased beforehand to establish communication. Once this contact is established, a session can be booked.

It is usually recommended that we do a medium ship session after 21 days of passing away. This could be different in case of a tragic death or an attempt to take one's own life.

The session can be comfortably done online as well. The session can be delivered physically as well as in a voice recording or an email. You can let us know your preference and we would work accordingly.

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