About Soul Miracles

Soul Miracles is the soul child of Dr. Manmeet and her Angel’s vision and guidance.
It is a platform for people who are seeking to shift their lives through Spirituality. It enables them to experience their own power and take the steps towards leading their best lives. Soul Miracles helps people be spiritually sufficient and be the masters of their own lives. It also encourages budding practitioners to become full-fledged, qualified healers.

About Manmeet Kumar

Dr. Manmeet Kumar is a Spiritual Coach who founded Soul Miracles in 2016. She uses her gifts of being a psychic and a medium to enable others to transform their inner core.
Manmeet has had her own interesting journey through life.
Before commencing her work as a Spiritual Coach, she had a successful career in sales and business development. She had a proven track record across many established corporates, engaged in senior management positions. She worked with top multinationals and Indian companies like Taj Hotels, Times of India, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Vodafone, and Economist. It was during this time that her own spiritual development brought her great results.

Clients Testimonial

Our vision: Spiritual Sufficiency

“Instead of going to somebody else for continuous spiritual guidance, learn clear methodologies that will be your lifelong asset. Use these methods to get your own spiritual guidance and to continue the development of your own life. Beautiful and sustainable results are possible only through Spiritual Development.”

Dr. Manmeet Kumar

Personal Consults


Mediumship is the art of connecting with lost loved ones. A Medium is a person who, by lifting their energies, can connect to departed souls.
One of the most difficult aspects of death is its finality. Many families are looking for answers after the death of a loved one- whether it is tragic or otherwise. 

Intuitive Future Reading

A Psychic or intuitive reading deals with your life on Earth. All issues connected to your life- decisions about career, family, relationships, money, relocation, or any personal issues are covered in this reading. 

Manmeet is a gifted psychic. Through her gift of clairvoyance, she helps people to get the answers you are seeking. 

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are a book of our past lives. Every action, decision or thought that we have ever thought in any past life is recorded in this book. Our lessons and life purpose in each life is also recorded.  

It is based on the basic belief of reincarnation. The journey of our soul is much more than just this life.

Home / Office Space Clearing

The energetic flow of a space- be it your home or office, affects your abundance and well-being. 

Energy gets accumulated over a period of time and needs to be cleared on a regular basis.


Bach Flowers

Bach flower remedies are an alternative or complementary treatment that is used for emotional problems and pain. They’re made out of watered-down extracts from the flowers of wild plants. These flowers grow in UK.



Our workshops are an ideal platform to build your Spiritual Journey. These are experiential sessions, held over weekends, that create an opportunity for you to learn and grow with your Soul Tribe.
These are conducted online as well as in person.

An incredible journey to connect to your spirit guides, sharpen your intuition and get messages from the universe about your day-to-day life. You can discover your life 

A very deep & intense workshop for those who would like to know about their life & soul purpose. It gives you details about your soul lessons & strengths.

A must-attend for everyone! This workshop enables you to make these powerful remedies for yourself and others.