12 Signs You Are a Psychic Medium

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Am I a Medium? You bet!

Was I born a Psychic Medium? Well – let me tell you my story, and how I knew that I was a Medium. I will tell you what you can do if you are a Medium. What

Just like all small children, I had many imaginary friends as a kid. Many times, I would sense someone in the room- but no one would be there in reality. I dismissed it as my imagination. But as I grew up, I started to understand that this was something more than my imagination. Do you sense a presence sometimes? A whisper, a touch, a smell – that you cannot understand? Do you feel people will laugh at you if you tell them about it?

Then one day someone told me that I am a Medium. It was one of those crystal shops that I had gone to, and I didn’t really understand it.

Psychic Medium

The term Medium is very often used in the Psychic world. Having an Army background, I could not relate to it. When I googled it, it said that a Medium is a person who is gifted to communicate with people who have passed away.

I shut the laptop immediately. Here I was, a mother of two, in a perfectly responsible job, leading a normal life, doing things that regular people so- how could I be a Medium? It made no sense.

There were two problems you see. One was that I had a lot of fear. If I could see dead people, then I wasn’t safe. The second was fear of being called “abnormal”. I imagined my friends gossiping about me behind my back.

“Fear, In Its Many Guises, Is Here To Test You. Surrendering To Fear Only Limits You And Makes Your Path More Difficult. Know That Fear Is An Illusion And A Trickster And That There Are Tools To Help You Resist It.” – James Van Praagh

I started to slowly understand that maybe this was a Gift and not a curse. If you also feel that you have this Gift, then maybe you are a Medium and don’t know it.

You Are A Psychic Medium If You:

  • have always feared the dark for unknown reasons.
  • have an interest in paranormal sciences.
  • feel someone is with you when you wake up in the middle of the night.
  • feel someone calling your name (as a whisper), even when no one can be seen.
  • can walk into a room and feel heaviness, pressure and hot and cold sensations.
  • recall seeing spirits of deceased family members after the age of three years.
  • talked to imaginary friends when you were young.
  • have a peripheral vision (seeing from the corner of your eye) and often see bright lights.
  • know things about people- you can’t understand how, but you just know.
  • Electronics go crazy around you sometimes. Think: flickering lights, fan speed, mobiles blinking on their own, radio starting on its own.
  • feel sudden waves of emotions- sadness, fear, happiness, anxiety that is not your own.
  • feel strongly connected with people who passed away.

If you have ticked more than 9 as Yes, there is a strong possibility that you are gifted. Like I

said, it is a gift and not a curse.

5 Ways You Can Use Your Gift Of Mediumship

  1. Accept It. Acceptance comes with embracing who you are – gifts and all. Accept that this is part of your Soul choice from before you came on this Earth, and it is to stay. Acceptance paves the path to embracing the Gift.
  2. Know That There Is A Reason For This. Probably, you need to fulfill a mission on Earth with this special ability. Check with your Spirit Guides for clarity on that path.
  3. Embrace Your Gift. With grace and gratitude, embrace this special ability and be totally comfortable with it.
  4. Throw The Fear Out. There is no place for fear when you stand tall in pride of being who you are. Learn techniques if required, to banish fear.
  5. Learn To Use This Gift. A course on Mediumship will give you insights into handling this gift. How to connect with Spirits, making sense of their communication, techniques to manage your energy, leaving doubt and fear behind are some of the things that can be learned from a good Medium.

Go Ahead And Enjoy Your Gift! You Have Got This Opportunity For A Reason. Use It Well.

If you have any questions and want to know more then reach out to me on info@manmeetkumar.com or call me on +91 98116 26045.

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