5 Signs You Are Clairvoyant and You Never Knew.

5 Signs You Are Clairvoyant and You Never Knew.

Have you ever heard of the word Clairvoyant? Have you heard of Psychics? Or maybe heard of someone who has the ability to perceive things that have not yet taken place. Maybe you are one of them?

Growing up in my early years, I had a strange problem that I could not explain to anyone. It was a strange thing, that puzzled my friends, parents and others who knew me.

I needed to “see” everything before I could say yes to a plan or an idea. Be it going for a movie, or a party, or even eating out, I had to visualize everything in my mind’s eye before I could do it. And once it was “seen”, the stage was set and I was motivated to make the most of that experience.

I did not know, that this would be one of the biggest gifts that made me who I am today- A Clairvoyant and a Psychic!

“Clairvoyance Is Such A Cool Gift!”

“Clair” means Clear and “Voyance” means Vision. A Clairvoyant is someone who has the ability to “perceive” or “see” things that have not yet taken place.

Nostradamus for example could see the future and predicted many things which came out to be true. He had predicted things way back in the sixteenth century.

There Are Three Sources Of Clairvoyance

  1. You Are BORN With It. I was born with this Gift, and hence, recognized the signs early on in life.
  2. You Have A SPIRITUAL Awakening. Many of us who are having an awakening, experience increased levels of Clairvoyance.
  3. You Develop It Through The Years. This can be mastered with practice.



You think through “seeing”. For example, if you tell me about your recent experience eating ice cream, it will run like a movie in my mind. I can almost see you eating a pink ice cream wearing a yellow dress and standing near the ice cream parlour door.

Or maybe you learn through Visuals, like they say:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Is your learning style Visual? Are you creative? Do you work in the field of Graphic designing, Painting, Art, Textile designing or advertising or even play with colors and visual effects?

“It is likely then that Clairvoyance is your natural gift.”


Aura is a layer of energy around living things. Yes, even plants have Auras! My friend one day suddenly realized that she could see Auras. She was sitting with her Editor and she could see a greenish yellowish light around his head.

Can you see a layer of color surrounding people, animals or things? This is part of Clairvoyance.


Many people can see a flash of a colour suddenly in a room- sometimes it could be from the corner of your eye.

Children can see this much more clearly than adults. In fact as children, we all had this ability. However, when kids tell adults about this, they receive discouragement, or they are told that it is their imagination. And sadly, this gift starts disappearing.


Your ability to see dreams that run like a movie is strong. Do you see clear, vivid dreams? It may be that you can/t remember all of them in the morning. Clairvoyants usually see dreams that are crystal clear- they are even colourful!

Most of my childhood dreams were clear and I could easily remember them. Yet, I was puzzled as in those dreams, I was a grown up person. I later realized that what I was seeing were my past lives!


Sometimes, you may be able to clearly see what is going to happen. Many people freak out when this happens- but this is Clairvoyance!

My friend, who was living in US, had to come to India for a wedding. As the travel date drew closer, she had clear flashes of vision where she saw the airplane through a lot of turbulence. She saw people crying and praying. This made her very uncomfortable- more so as the date grew closer. Much against everyone’s logic, she postponed her trip. She later came to know that the same flight that she was to board met with an accident. Her Clairvoyance had saved her life!

  • If you have more than 3 of the above, you are a Clairvoyant. Practice your gift more to sharpen your skills.
  • If you have 3 or less than that, then you are on this journey. You can have Clairvoyance with practice.
  • If you have less than 1, don’t lose heart. You have another ability- perhaps Clairaudience, Clair cognizance or Clairsentience.

If you want to learn How to Develop your Psychic Abilities with me in person (that includes Clairvoyant, Clair Cognizance, Clair Sentience, Clair Audience), then reach out to me on info@manmeetkumar.com or call me on +91 98116 26045.

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