7 Ways To Stop Leaking Your Energy

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Do you feel tired all the time? Mentally, emotionally and sometimes even physically? Despite healthy eating and a good lifestyle, does life drain you? Chances are, you are leaking energy without realizing it.

If you relate to these symptoms, you may be leaking powerful energy

– Constant worrying

– Undefined Anxiety

– Sadness, overwhelm

– Feeling that “nothing will work out”

– Feeling stuck in relationships

– Anger, helplessness, and frustration

Let’s first understand what energy is and where do we get it from. We get energy through our feet from the Earth. This energy is the source of our “core energy” that helps us in daily activities. We use this energy to think, act, complete our daily tasks. This energy travels from our feet through our body and is emitted out into the universe.

Hence, we become part of an “energy loop”. This energy also surrounds our body like a shield and is called the aura.

Sometimes, this shield gets torn in some places and our core energy starts to leak out. This leaves us feeling drained and tired at a mental and physical level.

Try these couple of simple ways to stop your energy from leaking and witness a major difference in your life.


We are taught at an early age that saying no is equal to our not being a good friend, parent or employee. However, this is the most important step to protect your personal energy from being drained.

Say no to anything that stresses or stretches your natural ability to deal with it. Try it in small ways and then move to the bigger things.


Just like you would protect your home and loved ones, you need to have healthy boundaries to protect yourself too! It means having a balanced approach in relationships and other areas like work. Take on only as much as you comfortably can.

Don’t overextend for people in the hope that they will do the same for you. This leads to disappointment. This is linked to the earlier point, since the ability to firmly say no. Boundaries need not be looked at as negative or creating isolation. They are a simple way to stop people or situations from overwhelming you.


Clutter in the house, in our cupboards and in our mind- traps energy and blocks it. Physical decluttering must happen weekly. Even if things are expensive but you don’t use them, give them away. Gifts, linen, crockery, clocks- whatever it may be. If it is of sentimental value, click a picture so that you can cherish it later. But

let it leave your house. This will help energy move easily in your house, thus attracting abundance. Movement of energy removes blockages. It has even been seen that this helps in restoring the health of family members.


When we are addicted to substance, food or technology, we are giving our power away. Addiction is a sign that we are not ready to deal with our innermost emotions.

If you are not able to sit on our own for even fifteen minutes without reaching out for your phone or food or alcohol, chances are that you are panicked about what will come up and how will you deal with it.

Consider consulting a spiritual coach or take personal lessons on inner child healing or energy healing depending on what you are dealing with.


In my recent blog, I’ve shared how you can take back your power from others. When we are in co-dependent relationships, we give away our power because we feel that they know more than us. That somehow, we will not find love if we leave this person.

Staying with narcissists also does the same thing. Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D. offers essential strategies for recovery and healing to children of narcissistic mothers and fathers, spouses & siblings. Her blog will help you understand if you are dealing with a narcissist in your life. Darlene Lancer gives an insight into co-dependency.


15 minutes of daily meditation will help you get a grip on your emotions, focus your energy to the bigger picture and help you let go of the unnecessary clutter in your mind. A great way of clearing, calming and relaxing the scattered emotions. Add prayer and intent to the meditation to ensure that you are pulling the Universal power into your body and being. Doing a 10-minute prayer before sleeping is also beneficial as it helps us to surrender our problems to God.


In many cases, we are bound to certain relationships from past lives and much as we want to move on, we feel we are unable to do so. Akashic Records is a book of past lives and it reveals the negative blocks that we may be carrying from other lifetimes into this life.

Consider reading about Akashic Records and how it gives you an understanding of how clearing these records can change your life.

Our energy is our essence, it is our Lifeforce. Use the above techniques to lead a more energetic, healthy and balanced life.

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