7 Ways to Take Back Your Power

7 Ways to Take Back Your Power

Life is not working for most of us. We feel rejected, sad, angry, depressed- without knowing why. The power is drained out of us.

If only I had the right relationship, the right partner, the right job, the amount of money I need in my life now, my life would be sorted.

These have become the “goals” of our Life. A tick on each box is what will make us happy- or so we think. The more we chase them, the more we seem like we are running an endless race.

To avoid comparing our lives to others, to avoid feeling helpless, jealous, rejected and depressed, we get addicted to food, alcohol, drugs, smoking, screens, social media.

We want to feel good- and don’t know how.

Why do we go through this? The truth is that we have no connection with ourselves, and we are looking for that connection in good food, our partner, or other addictions. We have given away our personal power to others. Our happiness now depends on them.

Can you relate to this? Do you sometimes assume that the remote control of your life is with others?

For some time, I was like that too. I would try my level best to fit into a relationship or a job- no matter how much I resented it. I would repeatedly try to mould myself thinking that if my boss or partner would be happy, I would be happy too!

Months of struggle taught me that it is me who needs to have my own back. My power lies within myself.

If you have a similar story, then these 7 things can be the solution to your problems. I tried them, and they really worked for me.

Here, Are 7 Ways To Take Your Power Back


Do you know who you are deep down? I strongly suggest that you do this exercise for 7 days. Every morning write 10 things about who you consider you are. If someone had to read this, they should have a clear idea of who you are as a person.

For example, you could write your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, what draws you to other people. Trust me- you will be surprised at the end of seven days of writing. You may not know many things about yourself that you wrote.

Read this every day to realize more about yourself and live your Life keeping this as a base.


This is not a selfish strategy — if that is what came to your mind after reading it. Choosing you mean’s that you choose the option that suits you best. Of course, adjustments in family relationships are required and must be made. Choosing you mean’s not participating in others dramas and being true to what you feel is the best response.

For example: if a family member of a friend chooses to always complain, your response could be to not participate.


The key ingredient lacking in most relationships today is the ability to speak our mind with kindness and firmness. Many people are either harsh and rude, or become a doormat. The solution lies in knowing what is our true response at the moment, and having the courage to speak it with kindness.


The fear that we may lose the person or opportunity if we speak our mind always plagues people. This is truly handing your Power to others. Whether it be a job interview or a relationship, know that more are on their way. Talk to your fear.


Please, please do not chase. Choose self-respect. If it is meant to be, it will be. And if it doesn’t open, it is not your Door.


I am not by any means suggesting that you walk away from key relationships or opportunities. But have the courage to walk away if required. Just being that Energy of willing to lose those things can be immensely powerful. Nothing and no one should be allowed to have the kind of power where you are chained to them.


Meditation, breath work, affirmations, emotional healing- all these will help you in practicing self-love. Self-Love is about accepting who you are in the first place and being open and okay to know that you may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Live your Life with your own power.

We are never powerless because we have a choice at every point. Why not make a choice now to be powerful? If you will own your power, you will find that you can change anything.

Remember, we have one Life. Let’s make it a Masterpiece!

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