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How much of Giving is Kind Enough?
Quick Reads

How much of Giving is Kind Enough?

we should seek clarity on what we are considering as help vis-a-vis what the other person is seeking as help. While with all good intentions, you might be busy providing for their comfort and survival, but the other person might not be looking for comfort. They are maybe looking for an emotional audience to vent and feel good. In simpler terms, you might be giving someone apples, but they may be looking for oranges.

Mediumship Practitioner Course
Knowing Your Powers

What is Mediumship Practitioner Course?

Announcing this course is ticking off an item on my bucket list as a Spiritual Coach. Indeed a proud moment in my career. Since there …

November Full Moon
Quick Reads

November Full Moon 2021: Significance of Kartik Purnima

This month full moon falls on 19th November, also called Kartik Purnima which is traditionally believed to be one of the most auspicious full moon …