Break the Matrix

Break the Matrix is a Spiritual Coaching Programme for Spiritual Ascension and Life Transformation. This is a six-month programme that will help you in changing every aspect of your life- be it money, success, fame, health or relationships.

Break The Matrix

Dates : 8th August 2023 – 08th January 2024
Price: 1,80,000/- for 6 months

    What is Break the Matrix course all about?

    Break The Matrix is a 6 month program to transform all aspects of your life by using proven spiritual tools. We believe that humans are stuck in a matrix of conditioned behaviours and patterns that are  learnt during the first 10 years of life. These behaviours are  shaped by beliefs that have their root in fears and in “survival mode”.

    These beliefs then become the very foundation of how we behave as we grow up. For example, if you grew up with the belief that “Hard work equals success” then you may find relaxing difficult. You may keep striving for more and more, and head towards burning yourself out. There may be little satisfaction in any victory that comes without hard work.

    Working with limiting beliefs limits the money, joy and peace in our lives- and we can turn angry and confused about why life is so tough. In reality though, we need to change these limiting beliefs which have become the foundation of our life.

    This course uses ancient and powerful spiritual tools to bring such beliefs to light, gently replacing them with stronger and positive beliefs that change the very DNA of your body and mind. It reminds you of your own power and begins by creating a strong bond between you and the Universe.

    This course offers to shift all areas of your life including Money, Relationships, Confidence, Power and Spirituality. This is a course that will be taught directly by Dr Kumarr, via weekly live online sessions. We are confident that this will transform your life to invite greater success, joy and peace within you.

    You should consider doing this course if :


    If you are looking to attract a completely new life


    If you’re looking to change your money reality


    If you’re looking to change your relationship reality


    If you are looking to shift your body and image reality


    If you know what to do in your life but do not have the courage to do it


    If you feel judged by people and trapped in helplessness


    If you want to open your own business and run it without fear


    If you want to break free from all the old belief systems


    If you believe that you are an empath or a light worker and would like to create a change in the society


    If you want to further your energetic presence through raising your vibration in the world


    If you are sensitive but still want to lead a stable and successful life


    If you want to upgrade all your life experiences if you want a handheld guidance through all experiences of your life

    Break the Matrix course FAQs

    How are the classes structured?

    There will be 24 online weekly coaching live classes (of which 3 will be pre-recorded). These will be open forums for people to ask questions as well. Recordings of the classes will be shared.

    What changes can I expect to see during and after this course?

    This course will upgrade your DNA- hence, everything will shift at a core level. Since you will vibrate at a higher frequency, you will attract higher and better experiences in your life.

    1. Expect to have a higher vibration- hence more energy, more positivity and hope.
    2. Attracting richer opportunities.
    3. Clarity about what you want and what you need to shift to get there.
    4. Mental peace as you sort out your life.
    5. Dealing with challenges of relationships- you will learn to use tools to help you with the day-to-day problems and how to heal tough relationships. Forgiveness, cord cutting, blocks to love, dealing with abuse, narcissism, twin flames, soul contracts- all these will be simplified, and you will be a stronger and more mature person.
    6. Clarity on your Spiritual path- understanding spirituality, knowing the right method and a clear path for your own spiritual ascension, learning psychic tools to enhance your energy and vibration, accessing your energy body as a light worker, knowing about star seeds and energy workers, how to protect your energy from abuse, energy drains, the use of crystals, vibrations and sound for energetic protection, taking your meditative experience into a deeper realm, attracting cosmic energy into your surroundings and your body, introduction to spirit guides and journaling, tools to increase your intuition, using spirituality to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose on Earth.
    7. Attracting success through money and fame: expect to change your money reality and your abundance mindset by the end of this course. Learn and understand the blocks to money, ease and fame in your life. Overcoming your old beliefs and set patterns in order to gain abundance and meet influential people through networking and other channels. Knowing the true meaning of fame and what is blocking it from coming into your life – using these tools to become famous and rich.
    8. Increased levels of health and energy: medical proof of physical well-being through enhanced diets and energetic practices on a daily basis. Learning how to communicate with your body and going to the root cause of your aches and pains.
    9. Deeper understanding of your purpose on earth: through the energy and spiritual tools, you will gain acceptance of your life plan and clear understanding of how to move forward with confidence and courage. Many times we struggle in life to accept how our life has turned out- this causes us to get into a victim and blaming mode and this will get eliminated from your life post this course. You will have peace, acceptance and joy at how your life has turned out. You look forward to building clear strategies about how you want to move forward in life.
    10. Healers, empaths and Lightworkers will understand and prepare themselves for launching their business in a positive and productive way.
    What are the 3rd and 5th dimensions?

    These dimensions are not locations or places; they are a sense of awareness and reality that one can perceive. Think of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions as experiences that you can have, if you wear different glasses (just like in movies). These glasses mentioned here are nothing but different frequencies. Just like you can hear a specific radio channel by tuning in to a specific frequency/station, you can shift your awareness on a daily basis by tuning in to different thoughts.

    Break the Matrix will teach you how to break free from the constraints of fear, jealousy, greed, uncertainty (the Third Dimension) and moving to a higher level of consciousness (the 5th dimension).

    Why are we in the 3rd Dimension?

    The Earth is considered to be on the 3rd Dimension- meaning that the reality here has 3 dimensions- height, length, and width. Spiritually, this dimension also echoes fear, limitations, feelings of being trapped, and lower emotions of jealousy, greed, anger, frustration and helplessness.

    How did we get here? Have we experienced the 5th dimension ever?

    Yes! In fact, a few centuries ago, the entire human race existed in the fifth dimension. The upper chakras of people were open and very strong. This was the period of Satyuga /Lemurian and Atlantean lifetimes.

    At that time, humans had the capability of time traveling with their consciousness and fifth dimensional body. It means that if one wanted to meet someone or talk to them, it could be done simply through their consciousness. There was no need of involving the body for these things. The upper chakras of humans were so evolved that these things were possible.

    How did we fall to the 3rd Dimension from the 5th?

    Then, the human DNA was locked- through invasions of foreign entities, and the human body was trapped in the third dimensional matrix. This matrix made us forget our capabilities and made us believe that we are limited beings who can only access experiences up to the third dimension.

    This third dimension is so low that it is only one dimension higher than the DNA of animals- which is locked on the second dimension. The third dimension keeps us locked in competition, greed, jealousy, anger- and most of all fear.

    What is the main feature of the 3rd Dimension?

    It is fear. Our society is based and brought up on fear.

    We are constantly fed fear. 

    Fear of God, Fear of teachers, fears of punishment, fear of isolation from the society, fear of poverty, fear of failure, fear of non-acceptance, fear of destiny, fear of being left alone. These fears are hard coded into our DNA- making it very difficult to get it out of our system. This has created a MATRIX- a matrix of limitation.

    Let us understand some of the matrices:

    Money Matrix

    (3-4 Classes)

    Keeps us in the “lack” mindset and always wishing for more. Blaming our destiny/partner/childhood/missed opportunities, we lose hope and become lower vibrational beings, hence attracting even lower and poorer experiences like theft and losses.

    I don’t have the perfect partner / I cannot leave this person though I know in my hear that he is lying/ he will never leave his wife/ what am I doing/ he is my twin flame/ I cannot bear this separation/ does he love me or not/ why did I ever get into this/ life is about adjustment/ what will the world say if I walk out/ no one understands my sexuality/ at what age can I walk out/kids are grown up/ my partner abuses me buy how to tell the world.

    Power Matrix

    (3-4 Classes)

    This matrix keeps us locked in the “poor me” story. We have this constant refrain that we have had the most difficult life- then blame destiny, karma. This matrix makes us needy, clingy and blaming.

    What will happen if I lose all the money/ What if this is not the right move? How can people charge so much? Why am I not able to get the money I want? My business is not thriving/ I never have enough/ The expenses are always more than my income/ When will I make loads of money/ Mo money reality is blocked. I am doomed.

    Confidence Matrix

    (3-4 Classes)

    Sometimes, at crucial points of our life, we lack confidence and courage. We feel helpless, victimised and paralysed by destiny. We wonder why others have it so easy and even the simplest of things seem tough for us. 

    This matrix keeps us locked in the “poor me” story. We have this constant refrain that we have had the most difficult life- then blame destiny, karma. This matrix makes us needy, clingy and blaming.

    What will happen if I lose all the money/ What if this is not the right move? How can people charge so much? Why am I not able to get the money I want? My business is not thriving/ I never have enough/ The expenses are always more than my income/ When will I make loads of money/ Mo money reality is blocked. I am doomed.

    Breaking this matrix will release us from these fears, and we would be able to live our life with determination. Face our fears boldly and with grit.

    Spirituality Matrix

    (3-4 Classes)

    People have entered a maze- a hall of mirrors. Fake and real is not clear/ workable solutions versus escapism. Many use this as a means to escape their daily life. This matrix can keep people under the illusion that spirituality is a state of nirvana- that can be achieved for short period of time. How to balance 5D and 3D is the challenge here.

    Relationship Matrix

    (3-4 Classes)

    Twin flames, lost love, soulmates, broken hearts, karmic contracts, abuse, narcissists- keep this matrix thriving. People are lost and suffer for a long time before they are able to break free. Unconventional relationships, extra marital relationships, shame, sadness and helplessness- the list is long. People keep looking for solutions- usually blaming their past lives.

    There is no way forward from here/ I am doomed/ Nothing has worked out for me/ What can anyone do for me/ My life is so over/ I have thoughts in my head I cannot tell anyone about/I sometimes wish my life would end…

    Lightworkers Matrix 

    (3-4 Classes)

    Increasing your psychic powers, unlocking your intuition, basics of energy healing, breathwork, use of crystals and other spiritual tools to enhance the quality of your life. Increase your own powers and potential to heal your life. Understand your Soul, the soul path and create high energy in your aura. Vibrating higher automatically attracts more abundant opportunities in our life. This module is not only for healers and lightworkers, but also for people who are new to this path. The healers can expect sharpening of their powers and creating more value for their own clients.

    Why is it important to Break the Matrix?

    Unless you break the matrix, you will only attract experiences that are possible within these matrices.

    Since these matrices run on lower frequencies like greed, lust, jealousy, fear, anger, control, shame and lack, this is what we can expect in our life if we vibrate at these frequencies.

    The Law of Attraction ensures that we attract what we vibrate at- and so, we end up attracting mediocre and poor experiences into our life such as heartbreak, finding emotionally unavailable people, losses in money, job, missed opportunities at work, dependence on non-contributive relationships, staying depressed and sad internally, seeking but not getting clarity, comparison, jealousy and helplessness.

    dark night of the soul symptoms

    What will happen after we break the matrix?

    Once you break the matrix you would vibrate at a much higher frequency -there were attracting the same level of experiences in your life.

    Whether it be experiences of money, fame, success, relationships or finding a meaning to your life and leading a life of purpose- all these are possible when you vibrate at those frequencies.

    What are the techniques that will be used to break the matrix?

    • Rewiring of your subconscious mind
    • letting go of the conditionality of beliefs that you grew up with
    • accessing your light body and higher DNA consciousness
    • clearing your aura and chakras through higher frequencies
    • rethinking and reprogramming your realities and experiences
    • learning to let go of the old matrix coded systems
    • understanding your role as light workers and empaths in this society
    • tuning your energies to light codes and higher frequency matrices
    • learning how to integrate these higher frequencies in your daily practical life
    what is an empath disorder

    Why is this program for six months?

    Research in science indicate that it takes 21 days for a new belief system to enter our subconscious mind, 60 days for any habit to change, 90 days for the cellular lining of most of your organs to shift, and 120 days for light codes to get activated in the body.

    Six months will also mean that you will have an opportunity to go through various experiences in your life and come back to the class with questions around how to handle that.

    Deeper experiences only get embedded when they have the platform of time and ease. Six months of this powerful spiritual programming and coaching will ensure that you have all the tools that are required to lead a life through a new matrix and a higher frequency.

    How will this course help me in my practical day-to-day life?

    Accessing higher frequencies, having new belief systems, the emergence of strength and courage in your life will help you to overcome your fears and old ways of thinking. This will enable you to become a more confident, emotionally stable, self-reliant and a happy person thereby surprising your family members and also endearing you to them.

    Is there a special section in this course for empaths and lightworkers?

    This course will have a separate section and emphasis on the energy and light body. Learning psychic techniques and energy methods is one of the ways to enter a new matrix. So if you are an empath or healer, then you have something special in store for you.

    What if I miss attending a live session?

    No problem. Recordings will be available in a closed protective group, and you will be able to access these for lifetime.

    How will our questions and day-to-day experiences be dealt with?

    Every class will have a section of theory and a live Q&A session at the end of it to be able to address and answer any queries that the students may have. This course gives you an opportunity to go through various experiences of life over a period of six months and have Dr Manmit ready to answer these and help you with your new reality

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