Dhanteras Potli: Your Money Manifestation Tool Of This Year

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Money is always a huge topic wherever you go. Take your homes, your office, your shop, your grocery list, or your month-end discussions. 

“How can I make more money?” 

“How to make money fast?” 

We have all spent hours and lost sleep over these questions. But can we be blamed? We live in a material world and to survive, we need resources.

We have learned to break our backs to be able to earn a comfortable life. “Hard work is the key to success”  is encoded in our brains like a reflex action. 

However, there is one day and date in the year when rules make space for magic. Just keeping something in your locker can attract money for the rest 364 days of your year!

Dhanteras is one such day and the Dhanteras Potli is one such magnet. 

This Dhanteras,celebrate abundance with Soul Miracles. 

Another key point  of Dhanteras Potli at Soul Miracles is crafted with 15 powerful ingredients that are energetically charged and put together in the Potli. Altogether ingredients attract financial gains, new opportunities, and abundance into your life. The best thing about this Dhanteras Potli? It comes with a silver coin! 

The idea to create an energetically charged Dhanteras Potli captured us because of a true and frankly, very empowering incident. Basically one of our clients confessed to us how her husband was struggling very badly with his business and what came to their rescue was the Dhanteras Potli ritual. 

We were sold. After all we wanted to help people with getting unstuck with the Dhanteras Potli, too. Hence, our decision to craft it for you. 

To order your Dhanteras Potli with us, reach out at 9811626045. Let us embrace the energy of Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi with open arms. 

Blessings and Love, 

Team Soul Miracles 




Dr. Manmeet Kumar is a Spiritual Coach who founded Soul Miracles in 2016. She uses her gifts of being a psychic and a medium to enable others to transform their inner core.

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