First Cosmic Event of 2021

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The first New Moon of 2021 is in Capricorn, the home of Saturn. This event on January 12/13 will help you with the first cosmic boost of the year that will be a magical year for those who wish to achieve hard-earned success.

As a Spiritual coach who works closely with the Akashic Records and Soul Astrology, I guide my students to work with the Lunar cycle. As you know, with each new moon starts a new Lunar cycle. This is the time when the Universe is most receptive to our intentions. Hence, this becomes an ideal time to set new goals and intentions.

What does this event signify?

This New Moon is here to help us truly let go of the heave baggage that we have been carrying around from 2020. Yes, you may have celebrated the new year on 1st of January, but January 12/13 is truly the beginning as we are guided to let go of that which doesn’t really serve us. Pluto teaming up with Moon is pushing us to finally let go- of past blame, hurt, lies, betrayal, cheating, unnecessary patterns, anger, dysfunctional behaviour and much more.

Additionally, Saturn gives this Capricorn New Moon the potential of deciding and locking in our goals for 2021. Saturn is about hard work, discipline, methodical learning and doing the right thing. Whatever your goals, make sure that they are aligned to the right karma. If you want to solidify these intentions, this is the right time.

How can you make it work for you?

1.Meditate and clarify what you are set out to achieve in 2021. This could be at the financial, spiritual, emotional and physical plane. Chances are, you already have an idea in mind what these milestones should look like.

2.Write this in your new notebook of 2021 (If you haven’t purchased a notebook for maintain your spiritual goals according to the Lunar cycle, do so now).

3.Sit with your candle under the night sky (you can start after 7pm).

4.Now, on a loose sheet of paper, please write what you would like to let go of. Think about it and resolve that this no longer serves you. Let it go with ease. Pray for this and burn the paper in candlelight or bonfire if you are lighting one.

5.Place clear quartz pencils and rose quartz crystals on the notebook page where you have written what you would like to manifest in 2021. These crystals help you get clarity and bind your intentions with love.

6.You can pray with the following intention:

“I now ask my Spirit Guides to help me let go of what is not necessary, so that I may move forward in 2021 with ease and power. These goals are in the highest good of all, and I determine that I will work persistently and with discipline to achieve them. Please help me in making the most of 2021.”

7.Have a warm bath with salts(you can use Epsom/ sea salt for this) and relax with some soft music.

8.Ensure that your goals have a timeline, structured processes and progress milestones.

9.Pay close attention to what new opportunities are coming your way this week and the week after. These are coming into your life for a reason, grab it!

This is a time to stand in your power. Recognise the magic within you and let go of the unnecessary baggage. Wishing you a very happy 2021!

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