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Full Moon April 2019


♡ Sun and Moon are opposite each other. That’s Full Moon.

♡ Libra is about Balance.

♡ Uranus is about unexpectedness.

The last full moon was intense like now. It was about Endings and Beginnings.

This Full Moon continues the theme, it’s about balancing the Masculine and Feminine aspects WITHIN our own selves

Balancing between

  • What we need to do and what we want to do
  • Working hard and Surrendering
  • Letting go yet wanting to manifest
  • Taking charge yet wanting to be soft
  • Struggling with faith, though a part of you knows that you are taken care of
  • Being emotional and being practical

A lot of wounds from childhood will come forward and must be purged today. Some of you would have had a wounded feminine (trauma with mother, sister or feminine figure ) or a wounded masculine(father, brother or a prominent masculine figure), that causes the imbalance in you today.

This imbalance creates the drama, the longing, the chaos in your relationships with the other sex.

What You Can Do To Heal:

  • Meditate for forgiveness today.
  • Childhood wounds and traumas can be identified with the help of a coach and then worked upon till next full moon. You can try Self Love & Inner Child Healing if you want.
  • Pray to Ardhanareshwar today
  • Pray to the Moon to release old karma, though this will be a long guided meditation.
  • Chant to Shiva to release old patterns.
  • If you are feeling really drained in your energy, sick, you feel like everything is coming to an end, watch this space for my next post on that.

Meanwhile, use this extremely powerful day to balance your energies. Rituals on the full moon can be found on my earlier full moon posts on my website

For those in Delhi/Gurgaon, join us for a powerful release and balancing meditation at 7:15 pm in Gurgaon.

I pray that this Full Moon helps you see things in light and release what no longer serves you.

Shine the light.

Walk your path.

God bless

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