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Healing Soul Relationships

The last time that a stunning sunset or a deep song touched your heart, who did it remind you of? Who dominates your thoughts when you think of love or spending the rest of your life with?

You see, relationships are the biggest vehicle through which we express ourselves and interact with the world. As a spiritual coach, i can tell you that of every ten cases that I see daily, seven are related to relationship issues.

Most people struggle with the relationships that they have been born with. “Why am I born in this family”, “Why” is my mother/father/sibling like this? “Why are my circumstances beyond my control?” This is the “why” aspect of relationships.

Then comes the “how”.

How to recognize Twin flames/Soulmates/Karmic connects? How to know your lesson and role in these relationships? Do you have any control in the situation or all of it is destiny? To do or not to do, how much to do, how to relax your guard, when to draw the line, who to trust and who not to- continue to puzzle people. This is the “behaviour” aspect.

Then comes the grief.

The betrayal, the pain, the death, the non-closure. I meet so many people who are left heartbroken in the face of change. They go round and round in circles trying to find closure. This is the “dealing with destiny” part, that is explained more in my Akashic Records reading.

While all of this is coming together in a powerful workshop on Relationships, I am writing this blog for making the most of today. You see, today is one of the most powerful days of 2021 for healing karmic Relationships.

Today, Jupiter and Venus are directly aspecting each other. They are face to face in the Universal domain. In Hindu mythology, Jupiter represents Brahaspati- the Guru of Devtas/Gods and is represented with the quality of wisdom. Venus represents Shukra/Shukracharya, the guru of Asuras/demons. When both Gurus come face to face, there is a lot to be learnt about life. And about relationships- the wisdom to handle them, the passion and the balance.

What does this mean for relationships and how can this knowledge help you to heal your relationships?

  1. Venus, the planet of love, luxury and all things grand, was in retrograde and under the influence of Saturn (the planet of detachment). Naturally, this was not a great time for relationships, as Venus does not respond very well to the energy of detachment. Venus has now moved into Leo, no fire and passion. This transit will bring a lot of passion in relationships, and a fire in our hearts. This is a good thing, and you can expect relationships to be happier and more passionate.
  2. Venus is directly face to face with Jupiter today. This means that passion and wisdom will be received in balance. It also means that we have to view our relationships with both angles intact. Neither should we have ego driven relationships that only fuel the self, nor should we only have wisdom driven initiatives that have no passion. The lesson for all of us to learn here is to balance beauty love and actually with wisdom.
  3. A ritual that you can follow today is to gift your partner perfumes, flowers, chocolates and sweet things. We also need to be sending out a lot of blessings to people we love. This is a day to combine the romantic and the divine.
  4. Because Jupiter is directly aspecting Venus, the tendency to be very impulsive and rash will be curtailed by the universe. Please avoid taking any drastic decisions related to relationships.
  5. Your relationship to yourself is the most important secret ingredient to attracting and harmonising your relationships. In the quest to go after so called love, we nice and underestimate our relationship with our own selves. Today is the day that you should pamper yourself with flowers, perfumes and anything that makes you feel good. Sit and reflect on your relationship with yourself. Many of us do not accept ourselves as we are, in fact we tend to criticise ourselves most of the time. Today is the day to embrace yourself wholeheartedly- warts and all.
  6. It is also a very auspicious day to make other people around you feel beautiful and loved. Do send small gifts and make gestures to meet our people feel special about their existence.
  7. Some mantras to heal your relationships today are:
  8. Aieem namah “My true nature is love and joy.”

This mantra goes deep into your subconscious and moves you to see yourself in a dignified and respected light. You can keep chanting this even as you move around. This can become your subconscious chant.

  • Aham brahmasmi “I am wholeness.”

This makes you feel complete. Do this 108 times. “I am complete as I am”, nothing needs to be added. I am complete. My relationships cannot add or subtract anything from me, for I am whole.

  • Aham prema “I am love.”

When you are in love, nothing else is needed. This powerful self-affirmation can change the way you look at yourself and the way you look at love.

Do this with a beautiful set of mala beads if you have them. Supercharge these mantras with a ghee diya and your beads, and any other offering you may wish to offer to the Divine. Your wish will come true. How have you changed the world by spreading love? Who did you call today and made them feel special? Write your experiences here to win a free seat to our clearing meditation tonight and 1 person for our relationship workshop in October 2021. Remember to share this blog on your feed too. I look forward to your comments and experiences.

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  1. Preeti Waghmare

    Thanks for informing.
    Didn’t know of this powerful conjunction happening today…
    Just by reading the Mantras something moves inside me. I can feel the power of Aham Brahmasmi…I am the creator and what what I see in my world is my responsibility…and I can create it…

  2. Shivangi Kapoor

    Feeling so positive about relationships in my life after reading this and thank you for making me realise that the most important relationship you have is with yourself and it impacts the relations with others in your life ,.. definitely gifting myself and others to celebrate this auspicious day!

  3. Prathibaa

    Soured relationship with a sibling and maintaining distances with relatives. …. sent them sweets and they weren’t expecting it and wanted to know the why behind the gesture . All I could say was ” For Love ” . As I said it , I felt a smile and the warming of my heart and elated. Yes received and experienced abundance in rekationship . Thank u so much.

  4. Suchitra Thyagaraj

    Very insightful write up mam. Thank you for sharing the planetary/ religious aspect as well as a more practical advice on relationships. For an absolute novice in the spiritual journey space, it helps to know the how, the why and the logic behind things. So I watched your FB video yesterday, read this blog today and attended the workshop in the evening – so now everyone knows that my biggest pain point in life are my relationships 😊

    I did a whole lot of things you mentioned – the most significant thing being the part of showing gratitude and appreciation to all those we love, and the self love part. I went to meet my parents and took some Rosagulla and Jasmine flowers for my mums pooja. I called two of my close friends who have stood by me thru my personal ordeals and thanked them for their support. Hugged my kids, fed them rosagulla and bought them lil gifts. Since I’m currently in a battered and traumatised mental state, I went and bought myself flowers and a new lipstick. That felt good ! Such simple stuff, but doing it made me feel empowered. I hadn’t taken print outs of pictures in a very long time. I think a lot of us haven’t. It’s all there on the phone or laptop. I did this simple thing and looking at happy smiling faces of loved ones was an amazing feeling. I’m going to frame a few.

    I attended your workshop this evening, and just before, I made that lovely box, rose petals n all – penning down my intentions and also I added what I was grateful for from each of those people made me introspect and I was filled with gratitude for all I have firstly. The pics are now safe in my beautiful sandal wood box, nestled in rose petals. The workshop was the icing on the cake. My learning’s – Introspection, crying, letting go of pent up feelings, breathing, learning, realising that it’s not the end of the world, letting go, hoping for a better tomorrow!

    Thank you for your teachings and love🙏

    1. web

      What an amazing share Suchitra. Thanks…God bless

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