Is Uncertainty the New Normal?

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Before a global pandemic turned our lives upside down, do you remember how customary things used to be?  Back in the day, schools and colleges were more or less the epitomes of certainty.

We had a certain timetable and certain months dedicated to exams, and we knew when to expect holidays. But today? Not so much. Students are in a constant state of uncertainty. “Will there be board exams?”, “Will we shift to online classes or exams again?”

Turning our lens towards festivals, the hustle-bustle of the marketplace was anticipated during festival days, with shops dressed like brides filled with excited civilians. Sudden curfews, oscillating between offline and online classes, masks, and social distancing becoming the norm, are becoming less and less strange for us.

Yet the lingering question is, “What next? Are we never going to be certain about tomorrow’s guidelines for our existence?”. This brings us to acknowledge the elephant in the room- is uncertainty the new normal?

What Does Spirituality Say About Uncertainty?

When you look at animals and other species, you will discover how their order is built. At home with unpredictability, they’re flexible to nature’s tides and turns. But, humans stick to a rigid picture of how things should be.

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Viewing uncertainty from a spiritual microscope, our growth requires embracing change and uncertainty.  One of the most important reasons why spirituality embraces uncertainty is because ‘not knowing’ releases us from years of conditioning.  It forces us to break patterns of the past, and discover our potential.

How do you act, react or respond now that you are not conditioned to live in unpredictability because of the pandemic?

How To Be At Home With Uncertainty

1. A Shift In Perspective:

Take a long look at your situation. Be curious about how you can shift your perspective about it. Would you like to invest your effort into drawing plans B and C for your situation? Do that. Pick out your notes.  Can you find some humor in your situation? Work with that light-hearted energy. 

Simon Sinek, an inspirational speaker, and the author, introduces us to a very new perspective in his video “The New Normal”, Sinek talks about how teenagers are growing accustomed to seeing the world with their masks.

This experience may make them become more comfortable with eye contact (which, many of us are not comfortable with), and be expressive through their eyes. In the heights of unknowingness, shifting our perspective is the only way forward.

2. Improvise. Adapt.

Be it spirituality, workplaces, home situations, or academics, the only constant changes. To deal with change is to master improvisation and adaptation.

 Workplaces could thrive more when they start adapting to hybrid work culture.  Getting used to improvising between in-office shifts, and working from home will be a valuable asset in the long term!

Additionally, a minimalist lifestyle is worth looking into in these unpredictable times. “Are my documents in place?” is a more important question than “Does my house need more wardrobe space?”

3. A More Open-Minded Home Culture

We need to make our home culture a more inviting space for being okay with uncertainty.  Talk to your family about emotions that come up in uncertain times.  Talk to your children about being comfortable with delays at schools and colleges.  Help them understand that we’re globally dealing with uncertain times.

Additionally, being more open-minded about intimate weddings is another shift to inculcate. We could all revolutionize our mindset about how to divide our budget between an intimate wedding and keeping aside some savings.

4. Seek Spiritual Solutions

There’s a beauty we can find in the face of change when we turn to spirituality. Adopting a spiritual practice renders a lot of hope and meaning in the unpredictability of life.

Be it sitting in silence, tending to nature, or talking to a reliable spiritual mentor, one can navigate through change and uncertainty from a higher perspective. Eckhart Tolle, a globally known Spiritual Teacher, and Author puts,

 “Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”

There are lessons, patience, and opportunities to upgrade in every moment, and all it starts with going inwards. Covid has brought powerful updates to us by reconstructing us as more patient, accepting, flexible, and caring beings.

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As a spiritual mentor, I know that maneuvering uncertainty can be an opportunity. We can choose to be more resilient and explore the depths of our potential. So, are you ready to expand in this New Normal? Let us know in the comments below!




Dr. Manmeet Kumar is a Spiritual Coach who founded Soul Miracles in 2016. She uses her gifts of being a psychic and a medium to enable others to transform their inner core.

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