Manifesting Abundance With Full Moon in Pisces- September 2019

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The Full Moon in Pisces is what September energy is all about. Full Moons are always about letting go, but this one in particular is more so for two reasons.

One, it is the last full moon before the Equinox. Second, September is a month of deep cleanse as per the Hindu calendar. A month to pay homage to ancestors, to our past.

The theme for this Full Moon is Balance and Letting Go.

As we enter a new season, a new phase, we are urged to move on from the past. This phase will take us to the next level, in whatever shape we are in. It is therefore better to take stock of where you have reached before embarking on this new journey.

Where was I at the beginning of this year? Where have I reached? What have I accomplished and what am I still struggling with? What truly needs to go away with this season? How can I evolve further?

Pisces is the sign of tranquility and deep learning. The full moon under this signifies a deep change to be embraced intuitively. The symbol of two fish symbolizes the connection between the body, mind and the higher consciousness. While we must remain grounded with our success and values, we must also try and attain the wisdom and reach higher planes.

It is also symbolic of the masculine feminine traits. Pisces is very balanced and encourages us to balance our own yin and yang. The key to this of course, is awareness. Are you aware enough about what is your energy map? What needs to come in and what needs to go out?

Here is the Full Moon Ritual that will help you attain balance and make the most of this full moon.

What you need

  • Pen, diary and one sheet of paper
  • Pillar candle
  • A glass of water
  • Salt
  • Sage with container or an earthen diya
  • Chandan (for teeka)
  • Match box and a container for burning paper
  • Rose quartz and clear quartz (amethyst if you have it) – Charge the crystals overnight by placing them on soil for the night, wash them the next morning and infuse them with incense vapours. They are now ready to use.
  • Full moon guided meditation (optional)


  • Have a bath and start the ritual
  • Preferable to sit under the sky, if not possible, you can sit at your altar
  • Apply the chandan teeka on your third eye, light the candle.
  • Start by thanking the Universe and Moon energies
  • Invoke your Masters, Spirit Guides and ask for blessings.
  • Start with the questions above- where have you reached in your journey and what do you need to let go of? Write the journey in your diary
  • On the paper, write the people, things, behaviours and fears you will let go today. Chant this at least 11 times (source credit: net)

Of all that ever held me back, I now let go, I now relax, I am fearless, I am free, As I chant this, so mote it be!

  • Light the sage after this and burn the paper simultaneously. This clears all your negative patterns in your aura and energy.
  • Wash your crystals now with the water in the glass and hold them close to you. You can keep them in your hands to infuse them with new, powerful intentions.
  • Drink the remaining water.
  • Now start the meditation which has the full moon ritual. This will calm your mind and set the intention for the coming days.
  • End with writing a positive affirmation that you can paste on your mirror or cupboard or even as the screensaver on your phone. Ensure the affirmation is in the present tense. Something like “I AM Money/ I AM joy/ Money comes to me easily and in a fun way”
  • Thank the Masters, the Moon and get up. You are now prepared energetically for the next few weeks.

Do drop a comment if you have any questions. I hope that the Full Moon blessings bring you and your family abundance and joy!

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