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Let me tell you a story.
The story of my new eyes which led me to Soul searching…

 Story that left me staggering in its wake, to be shown that nothing is a coincidence, and everything has interwoven linkages to the past and the future. 

The story is from the years where I was still with the corporate world, as a Sales Director of
an MNC. This is not my past life story but now that I look back at it, it sure looks like a past life. 

I was in Hyderabad in December 2013, on a sales trip to meet new clients.

As I woke up one morning in my hotel room, realized that I couldn’t see anything properly.  Wore my contact lenses and tried again but to no avail.  Removed the lenses, and tried on my glasses, but still the same blur. No matter how much I rubbed and washed my eyes, my sight simply wouldn’t clear.

It was as though someone had fogged my vision and put a veil over my eyes. I was in full-blown panic mode when I realized that nothing was working. It was rather stressful to go through the day with half vision. After that,  called up my doctor back in Gurgaon, who prescribed lubricating drops and assured me that she would investigate it once I was back from the trip. It was meant to assure me, but it didn’t. I kept imagining the worst and multiple scenarios ran through my mind. 

I had no idea I was being put on a Spiritual journey. The Soul searching hadn’t begun, but I was on the journey alright. 

After spending two miserable days, I had a dream on the return flight.

In the first part of the dream, I saw my eyes being operated on (I was to later know that this was a psychic vision, but at that time I treated it like a dream). Further on, saw myself as a young girl, in Germany during World War 2.  Saw myself struggling as  witnessed heinous things being done to my family.  Squeezed my eyes shut, but the images seemed to be imprinted there. It saw myself being tortured for days and months in a camp. I do recall intense pain in my forehead and eye area all throughout my past life.  Died with a blow to my head and felt my skull fracturing in my last moments. I wanted to believe that my past life story was imagination, but, I knew in my heart that it was not. 

When I woke up, I was sweating and had a blinding headache and throbbing sensation in the eye area. All the images that I saw, were to stay with me for a long time. I knew that something significant had been shown to me, but I couldn’t completely decode it.

Meanwhile, I had booked an appointment for the next day with my ophthalmologist. My checkup revealed something very surprising.  Found cataracts in both my eyes- and I was not even 40! This disease is extremely rare in young people and usually doesn’t happen without an underlying cause like diabetes or cancer (thank God I was clean on these accounts). 

The X-ray was even more surreal- it showed a clear crack- like someone had cut the eye into two halves. Luckily, it had barely missed the retina. Pattern was repeated in the other eye as well. It was baffling, to say the least. Two mirror images- both cracked in the center! I knew by then that this was showing me something more than what the doctors were able to share.

Now that I look back, Me was on the brink of spiritual ascension, but we hardly recognize it when it’s happening, right? 

I was told that surgery would be the answer but after a few months/years. Till then, I was asked to manage myself and I was told that I would be fine.

Except that I wasn’t.

I kept seeing floaters and had dull headaches, blurry visions, and pain at the base of my skull- not enough to ring the warning bells, but enough to keep me in discomfort. Fear, confusion, and “why me” kept me in fear and agony. The dream, the visions, and the horror played behind my eyes all the time. Life was difficult without proper sight.

After struggling like this for over three years, I had my Spiritual Awakening. Clearly told that this pain came towards the end of my awakening cycle as I had to let go of my karmic baggage, my past life fears, and patterns and “see” clearly.

Our eyes are the windows to our Soul. My Soul searching had become inevitable now. It came to me and gave me no choice. 

When we are uncomfortable with seeing pain and abuse, we create a barrier between ourselves and our environment. This is to protect us from what we do not wish to see or experience. We want to escape but we don’t know how.

This barrier comes as weakening of the eyesight, floaters, discomfort and recurring infection. If you reflect carefully, all of these illnesses are signs for you to wake up and walk your spiritual journey. See the truth. See things for what they are.

We don’t want to see, so we blur it out. Simple. Kids do that a lot too. Most of them wear glasses nowadays- escaping something they don’t know how to deal with.

The cataract represented my past life pattern of not being able to take a stand and see things with clarity. The pattern was of deluding myself and making excuses for my reality.

In this life though, my soul was having none of that. I had been pushed to make a life-changing choice in that very year after resisting it for many years. The resistance caused the eyes to damage. I just didn’t want to “see” the reality, and I wasn’t choosing to leave. My body was suffering as a result.

I went on to have both my surgeries – successfully- in 2018.  Strongly believe that it was delayed because of my resistance to seeing my pain and letting go.

And it is not by coincidence that for 2 years before the diagnosis, I was chanting this affirmation:

“As my soul expands and I ascend towards Light, I open myself to see through a set of new eyes. To be able to “see” clearly what is blurred by fear, to be able to cut through the darkness. Let clarity dawn into my life, let karmic blockages be released and washed away to set me free.”

And here I was! Little did I realize that the liberation of my soul would come through a new set of eyes! T

As my Spiritual ascension progressed, I began to pull more and more Light into my body. This time, there was no discomfort because I had already addressed the past life traumas. And released the patterns that were holding me from imbibing more Light.

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The Soul searching was on and there was no going back. 

As a Spiritual Coach, it is my endeavor to enable people to see this Soul/Mind/Body connect. This is just one story to demonstrate this connection. Every deep experience – be it pain or love- remains etched in the cellular memory of our Soul Blueprint.  Each and every disease is an imbalance or release of our patterns and fears. Our soul memory carries it all.

Nothing is a coincidence. Not my eyes, and not your reading this!




Dr. Manmeet Kumar is a Spiritual Coach who founded Soul Miracles in 2016. She uses her gifts of being a psychic and a medium to enable others to transform their inner core.

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  1. Mahima

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this incident with us.

    • web

      Thank you Mahima!

  2. Shuilu Dar

    An soulful read ! Wonder why we need to do go through a tough life experience for a spiritual awakening ? We get so accustomed to the humdrum of life that we ignore what the inner voice tells us !

    Wonderful read !

    • web

      Thank you so much!

  3. Deepanjali

    So touching .. I love reading your posts.. How simply everything is connected.. Only thing I don’t get is how I am connected to all this? As you say Everything is not a coincidence . Does spiritual world has something for everyone?? How do we know it? That we should move on this path.. And thankyou for sharing I
    sometimes wondered how come corporate hotshot is in spiritual world… We love you Dear Manmeet

    • web

      Yes dear Deepanjali. It has something for everyone. Call me to know how you can start your journey.

  4. Suchitra

    Thank you for sharing. Resonates with me. But I just feel it’s unfair that we need to suffer for our past life in this life. And some of us never have it easy. Even the suffering is a pattern.

    • web

      Hi Suchitra, suffering is a pattern, and also a choice. You are so right there. I would call it learning. We all learn through change, and change we don’t like, hence we think of it as suffering.

  5. Shikha

    Beautifully penned Down !! Thanks for sharing..Truly agree to each n every thing u mentioned ❤

    • web

      Thank you Shikha..

  6. Atul

    You are an amazing soul, Manmeet. It is my good fortune that I got to meet you. What you have written here is as if written with a ray of light. I pray that you continue to spread your radiance far and wide.
    Be blessed, always.

  7. web

    This means the world to me sir. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  8. Mrs Puneet

    You are so correct when u say it is not a coincidence that I am reading your blog !! In my family a lot of issues / suffering due to eyes problem and I am always wanting to know the answers . I got quite a few of them and will share with my family too . Hope is always the best way forward and you have given just that by ur blog. Thanks s lot. 🙏🙏


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