The offerings at Soul Miracles are a Journey of Individual Development, Professional Development, and Teachership series. Courage and compassion form the cornerstone of all spiritual services. All the spiritual workshops are highly personalized.


Automatic Writing Workshop

Divine guidance is placed all around you. You just have to spark that connection. Automatic Writing helps you with that.

Mediumship Workshop

Death teaches us more than life does. Are you ready to move past the illusion of death? Then, this Mediumship workshop is for you.

Akashic Records Workshop

Your past lives, soul lessons, and karmic healing are waiting to be unlocked with the Akashic Records workshop. 

Bach Flower Workshop

The Bach Flowers Workshop prepares you to work at the root cause of all diseases- emotional imbalance, with the healing of 38 flower extracts. 

Pain to Power Workshop

No source of emotional pain is beyond healing. Pain to Power is an experiential workshop with practical tools to transform and heal emotionally.

Moon Meditations

The thematic and ritualistic moon meditations are aimed at working with the lunar cycles to invite abundance, joy, peace, and clarity.

Personal Consults

Personal Consultation with Dr. Manmit Kumarr

A one-on-one interaction centered on your concerns. Tools meant for your healing, closure, and guidance will be provided to you.

Akashic Records Reading

An Akashic Records reading provides insights into all the ‘Whys’ of your life that you wonder about since we uncover your past lives.

Future Intuitive Reading

If you are looking to be guided about your future choices and their consequences, this future reading session is for you.  

Mediumship Reading

This personal session is aimed at bringing hope, closure, and peace to those looking for a sign or closure from their departed loved ones.  

Home and Office Space Clearing

Clearing the energetic flow in your space releases stuck energy and invites abundance and harmony.

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