Akashic Records Reading: A Guide to Understanding Your Soul’s Journey

Situations/Scenarios when someone can use an Akashic Records reading?


Addressing and letting go of fears and phobias like claustrophobia, phobia of being in elevators, trains, etc.


Addressing and letting go of insomnia due to worries and fears.


Healing from childbirth curse- We have healed someone who had a curse of childbirth. Now, at the age of 42, she has a child without any IVF.


If you’ve any family curse because of which, your family business doesn’t reach its potential, getting your Akashic Records cleaned will lead things to work out in 5-6 months.


People carrying past life blocks of success have succeeded in their ventures after an Akashic Records clearing.


Fear of credit, public speaking, and always staying in the background is something faced by many, many of us. One of our female clients, after getting her Akashic Records reading has experienced her leadership qualities coming forward.

Hear from the Participants

“I have attended the Akashic records session of Manmeet mam...and the kind of realizations and experiences were amazing. I had a lot of confusion around certain areas of my life which got cleared and my way of seeing things have changed. I received such specific messages from my past lives that I still feel goosebumps. My soul group description fits me completely! I now know the lessons I need to learn in this life. I am so grateful for this session; I never knew that past lives could guide us so well. I'll always be grateful to ma’am for her services.”

– Nishita Sharma, Lucknow

“In my experience, Akashic Reading is more than just knowing our pattern and dissolving our blocks, curse or vows. This process is so energetically potent that you cannot just know how it is going to uplift you before doing the process. Riki is just 3 years and I wanted it to do it to know his path so that I can guide him accordingly. Also, with the intent to clear any karmic blocks for his greater good. Ma'am I shared with you that he has lots of specific fears and during the reading we came to know there is no blocks regarding the fears but its because of the saturn position in his chart. I started the prayer for him. Around the 18th day of prayer, I noticed that whenever he feels scared he shouts and just keep on repeating the lines "I am not scared" while he goes through the fearful triggers. I was numb for a minute seeing the 3 years old toddler actually doing all the tasks which he initally couldnt even execute, just be repeating the line "I am not scared". Nobody has taught him the line, nobody even said anything to him. He is an inspiration for me now, ma'am. He won over his blocks just like this. A heartfelt thanks to you and the universe!”

Medhansh Baruah (3-year-old son of Plabita Patowary)

What are the Akashic Records?

Edgar Cayce, also known as the sleeping prophet, popularized the Akashic Records concept through his Soul Readings. The Akashic Records are thought to be a library of Records or books that contain information about the journey of our Souls. These books, so to speak, have everything from our past lives recorded in them.

Every action, deed, thought, or karma that was ever conceived, thought of, or done, is recorded in these books. These records exist on the plane of the Akasha. It is also true that they exist as a part of our own Souls.

The Soul Records are sacred and have been revealed to humankind only in 2013.

Book Your Akashic Records Reading

    What to Expect from the reading?


    The Akashic Records are the most important conceivable proof of your past lifetimes. This makes it especially important for us to read them to know the lessons we are yet to learn.


    As part of the energy that we carry from past lives, we carry negative blocks like oaths, vows, curses, and contracts. These negative energies become past life blocks. Clearing them will render void all the negative blocks.

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    How can Dr. Manmit read Akashic Records?

    An individual session involves a “reading “ and “clearing” of the records. As an Akashic Records expert, Dr. Manmit channels them and shares the information in a specific and detailed manner with the client.

    All information pertaining to your soul is shared in this session. Details on soul groups, soul blueprint, soul journey, and soul vibration are shared, amongst the many other things related to your soul ascension.

    Details about the body and why have you chosen this birth are also shared. This also covers key relationships and your lessons in these relationships. This customized session covers soul contracts and past and present life blocks (and clearing of those blocks). 

    An Akashic Records reading with Dr. Manmit can shift your life and will create a deep sense of peace and harmony. Please write directly to Dr. Manmit at kumar.manmeet@gmail.com if you would like to know more.

    What Not To Expect:


    Instant healing and instant removal of blocks and curses should not be expected. It takes about 3-6 months for that to work.


    One can’t expect only the removal of blocks to do the magic. You have to put in work for human transformation through Akashic Records tools that Dr. Kumarr will provide you. Behavioral and pattern changes are a must.


    One can’t expect to heal from terminal diseases like cancer. In some cases, it has been shown that the disease has been regressed but an absolute cure can’t be expected. Any health miracles can’t be expected.


    If you get your soulmate contract clarified, don’t expect that you will instantly manifest a certain person who you want to be with, even if they don’t want to be with you. You cannot force anyone to enter your life and marry you.  

    How can one use this service?

    One can integrate the unlocking of awareness after the Reading in the manner that helps them heal from their pain.

    Besides your own understanding of your blocks, how they are limiting you, and how their awareness can help you expand, Dr. Kumarr extends lifetime support to you as your Guide and Healer.

    You can take slow & big steps of courage derived from your Akashic Records Reading, with Dr. Kumarr.    

    Hear from the Participants

    “Had an Akashic records session with Manmeet mam, it was an amazing life changing session. Thank you mam!!! It helped realize the root cause for most of the issues and how it can be dealt with better. Am looking forward to the automatic writing session with you mam!”

    - Divya, USA

    “Manmeet Ma’am came to our rescue when we felt like we were drowning. With my dad’s sudden death due to Covid 19 complications, we didn’t get time to see him or even have that last goodbye. We lost him in what we perceive to be the cruelest manner. We found out about mediumship and heard reviews of Soul Miracles. We planned an hour-long session with Ma’am. Nothing can describe the depth of my gratitude. Mam gave us the chance to convey love and last messages to Papa and hear his last wishes for us. Every account/little details of his life that mam shared was extremely personal and very special. There were things she said that no one but him could have told her ? We feel that through this session, we have received the strength to move forward with our lives and to make something of it. And most importantly, it gave us the confidence that though we can’t see him anymore, he hasn’t really left us. The love and his constant blessings is very much still there. Thank you Soul Miracles! May God bless you.”

    - Vasundhara Jha (Corporate Professional)


    Pricing/Duration/Mode of Consult/Terms and Conditions

    All the readings of well-known psychics suggest that we write our own destiny through our actions, words, and thoughts. How we interact with the Universe determines what we create in our lives. It is equally important to understand what we have created earlier through other lifetimes and are still carrying in this life as blocks. Knowing them will make it easy for us to lead a more meaningful life, just as clearing them will open pathways to abundance. 

    Do you have any Akashic Records questions that you are curious about? Mail us at mail@manmeetkumar.com.

    Akashic Record Reading

    Time duration: 90 minutes
    Mode of consult: Online and In person

    • 21 days healing provided by coaches trained by Dr. Manmit Kumarr.
    • Healing prayer for 21 days.
    • A free follow up session on zoom with Dr Manmit Kumarr after 21 days prayer.


    Online: 70,000/-

    In Person: 85,000/-

    Akashic Records Reading FAQs

    What is akashic records meditation?

    Akashic Records meditation is a spiritual practice that involves accessing the universal archives of information about one’s soul and its journey through different lifetimes.

    During meditation, one can connect with the Records through intention, visualization, and guided meditation to receive insights and guidance.

    What is the importance of reading and clearing the Akashic Records, and why must it be done?

    Since the Akashic Records are a book of past lives and contain all the necessary information regarding the journey of your Soul, they are the most important conceivable proof of your past lifetimes. This makes it especially important for us to read them to know our lessons and also, clear our past life blocks. 

    This makes us energetically free to attract abundance in this life. Shedding our past burden frees up space to attract what we want. It is therefore recommended that every individual clears their Akashic Records.

    Should children get their Akashic records cleared or read?

    Definitely, yes. It is most helpful to clear the Records of young children and teenagers because they are at a stage of life where they can choose wisely in terms of their career, relationships, and marriage.

    How is an Akashic Records personal session different from an Akashic Records workshop?

    A session is more personal, where Dr. Manmeet uses her intuitive abilities to channel deep insights into your past lives. A workshop, on the other hand, enables you to directly experience the Records.

    How to access the akashic records?

    To access the Akashic Records you need to have an open mind. You can use guided meditation or visualization to access Akashic records. You can take akashic records consult if you are not able to access the records yourself.

    What is akashic records prayer?

    An Akashic Records prayer provides insight, guidance, and healing. It helps us access the universal database that holds our thoughts, emotions and actions throughout time.

    Akashic records meaning & benefits

    The Akashic records contains information about past lives, present situations and potential future. We can access akashic records using guided meditations.

    Akashic records reading near me

    You can find an akashic records reader nearby or consult a certified and experienced Akashic records reader online


    How to read akashic records?

    To read akashic records you can use meditation or visualization. Best approach is to work with an experienced practitioner.

    How to start with akashic records for beginners?

    Some tips for akashic records for beginners.
    1. Read more about akashic records to become familiar.
    2. Start with basic meditation practice.
    3. Take help of an experienced practitioner.
    4. Set intentions of what you hope to gain from akashic records.
    5. Have patience and trust the process, be open to the guidance you receive.

    What is akashic book of records?

    Akashic book of records also known as Book of life or akashic records. These records gives you guidance about your life’s path, past lives and spiritual journey. The information can help you get clarity in life and heal traumas. 

    What is akashic records pathway prayer?

    Akashic records pathway prayer is one of the methods to access akashic records. This prayer sets the intention and focus. It helps you connect with divine guidance for support during the process of reading the records.

    Can you share some akashic records experiences?

    Each person has a unique experience during akashic records sessions. Some of the common akashic records experiences are peace and clarity, experiencing higher state of consciousness, more clarity of life purpose. Some people may also get visions and insights about events and people in their life.

    What is akashic records calculator?

    There is no such tool as akashic records calculator. Akashic records can be accessed via meditation, visualization techniques. But there is no ways to calculate akashic records or the information that you will receive during the session.

    In the end, whether you choose a workshop or a session, the power of the Akashic Records is bound to transform your life.
    Getting Akashic Records reading will provide an enormous amount of clarity about your current life. So many blocks, challenges, and hardships that leave us wondering ‘Why’ are a direct result of our past life Karma, our twin flame soul contracts, and so much more. Delving into an Akashic Records reading is a huge step up in your spiritual journey.

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