House Clearing

Signs/Situations/Scenarios when someone can use this service?


People who are dealing with unsupportive relationships with their family members


People who are feeling a presence in their homes or workspace, feeling that black magic could have been done, and more.


People who are looking to lead a balanced and harmonious life, and are unable to do so.


People who are suffering setbacks in their career or business and have money blockages.


People who are in need of space clearing and energetic house cleansing.

Hear from the Participants

“I came across Manmeet’s page on Facebook when I was going through a tough time in 2019. I had just shifted back to India and had a young daughter to take care of. The house we shifted in had really scary noises at night and I would feel the whole day that I am being watched. It was eerie but I couldn’t discuss this with anyone since people do not tend to believe in these kind of things. Added to that, my office and daughter were a full time responsibility and that left no time to think beyond the next step. I started to fall sick very often and the doctors couldn’t diagnose anything. I was getting nightmares where I would constantly see people fight and then a bullet go off- at this point, I would wake up. Confused, tired, depressed and angry- I was a mess. Finally one day a neighbour confided that there was a property dispute in that house before we moved in and one of the brothers had taken his life. Suddenly, it all made sense. I contacted Manmeet and requested her to clear the energies of my house. She made two visits and explained the process patiently while the clearing was going on. After the second visit, the house seemed much lighter. My family and I were able to sleep peacefully and things started to look up. The weird noises stopped. These things are real, and it is always better to have your space cleared before you move in anywhere. I am blessed to have met Manmeet at such an appropriate time in my life. Much love and gratitude to her…”

– Rashmi
Corporate professional, Gurgaon

What to expect from the service?


This  power-packed service helps clear your space of lingering negative energies and brings harmony back into your life.

The removal of the following energies can be expected:

  • Jealousy
  • Black Magic
  • Entities and Spirits- from the house or office
  • Negative influences of unwanted energies
  • Evil eye or any curses, spells

What Not To Expect:


Immediate removal of any spells, curses, unwanted energies, etc. should not be expected.


Human effort and transformation should not be ignored.

How can one use this service?

The most important purpose of the Home and Space Office clearing is to make your physical space open to new energy instead of staying in old energy. You can use this service when you are in need of newness, new possibilities, new opportunities, and high vibrations in general.

You can also use this service before starting out something in a new space. This will ensure that your space is aligned with flow and newness, instead of stagnancy.

Hear from the Participants

 “I met Manmeet in 2017 when I was going through an office crisis that would just not resolve. We were not getting awarded any tenders and on top of that, good employees just kept leaving. The ones who were at work were feeling uncomfortable and falling sick. Nothing was working out and I decided to contact her to ask if there was any other reason than just bad luck. Manmeet asked us for some pictures and channelled her guides. We had temporarily moved to another part of our office premises since the main building was under construction. That part of the land was built over what was earlier hospital land, specifically the cancer ward. Manmeet and I sat together for the clearing. It took 2 hours and there were things to be done for 11 days after that. Improvement was there from day one. It was like someone lifted the veil. The staff started to feel more settled and slowly things started to fall in place. I wouldn’t say that we immediately were back in business, but we won our first tender of that year 3 months later. There has been no looking back since then. I thank her from the bottom of my heart!”

- Sunita Viraj Singh


“Manmit Madam is just awesome. She radiates a light that is so welcoming and comforting. She makes one understand the process and the reason behind it, not like just doing a ritual with blind faith. She is a good listener and answers all the questions with a lot of patience and love. Ms Pratima was my point of contact. She has a lot of patience with careful listening. She is an asset to the team. The team is constantly in touch and is always available to help. Lots of Gratitude and Best wishes to the entire team.”

- Shilpa BK (Spiritual Seeker)


Pricing/Duration/Mode of Consult/Terms and Conditions

Everything is made up of energy and energy needs clearing from time to time.

The energetic flow of space- be it your home or office, affects your abundance and well-being. Dr. Manmit has clients across the world who have availed of this service to clear the energetic flow in their space. 

These sessions are done in person if you live in Delhi/ NCR. They can also be done online in the form of remote energy clearing. Farmhouses/ complete office buildings and lands are cleared only in person.

House Clearing

Time duration:

  • 2 hours- In person
  • 1 hour- Online

Mode of consult: Online and In person


  • Follow up online session after 21 days.


Online: 1,50,000/-

In person: 2,00,000/-

Home and Office Space Clearing FAQs

Why Is Space Clearing Required?

Spaces experience a lot of different energetic influences over time. These could have the root causes in the following reasons:

  • The land the house/office is built on has negative energy: Sometimes, buildings, homes, and offices are built on cemeteries, battlegrounds, and burial grounds. That makes them home to different kinds of entities and spirits. These spirits can interfere with the present residents thus causing issues and illnesses.
  • Houses are sometimes built very close to hospitals, temples, and other high-energy buildings making it uncomfortable for the current residents.
  • One member of the family has a spirit attachment: Sometimes, without their knowledge, one member of the family has an attached spirit that affects other members too. This slowly starts taking possession of the house.
  • An object that has negative energy: Sometimes, a souvenir or a painting you bought on your last vacation may be the cause of your energy depletion. 
  • The space has black magic on it: Jealousy or negative influences prod some people into doing black magic on others. This can be a root cause of ill effects like money blockages, disharmony amongst people, etc.
  • The energetic influence of people who have stayed there before: Fights, accidents, deaths, divorces- the energetic life of the families who have lived in that space before do affect the house/ space you inhabit today.
When Must You Think About Energy Clearing Of Your Home/Office?
  • You have money blockages at work that just don’t seem to go.
  • You are unable to retain staff and people feel uncomfortable while working.
  • Your deals are just not materializing and the reason is not known.
  • You have unexplained accidents like small fires at work. At home, you feel uncomfortable at night. You feel like someone is watching you.
  • You know that someone died in the house that you now live in.
  • Your family members start falling sick in a strange way.
  • You know that the land that your house is built on was earlier a cemetery/hospital.
  • You have someone who does drugs in your building.
  • You have blocks in selling off the house.
  • You are starting afresh in a new home or office and would like to invite positive energies in.
  • You are nervous about some corners of the house- under the stairs, a part of a room, or a bathroom.
  • There is a foul smell in some parts of the house without any reason.
  • You feel unsafe at night.
  • You see things like light or shadow from the corner of your eye.
  •  Pets are uncomfortable in some parts of your house or keep staring at the wall. Unwarranted barking is also a sign.
  • Unexplained noises in the house.
  • You understand energy and know the importance of clearing negative energy from your space from time to time.
How Can I Schedule A Home and Office Space Clearing Session?

Thank you for asking, seeker! Get in touch with our team at

Energy impacts everything, whether it is our own energy or of the people and the space around them. Even if we don’t realize it, accumulated energy can have a lot of impact on us. This is why space clearing is so important. If you are looking for a shift in the energy of your space, want to welcome new energy (and new possibilities), or want to get rid of negative energy, reach out to us. 

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