Seeking Closure? A Mediumship Consult will provide the answers!

Situations/Scenarios when someone can use Mediumship session?


People who have lost a loved one and would like to connect with them.


People who need closure after a sudden passing away- suicide, trauma, or accident.


People who would like to know if their loved one is at peace.


People who need answers to certain questions from their departed loved ones.

Hear from the Mediumship Consult Participants

“After losing my father suddenly last year I was restless with so many questions in mind. In my search for answers I just happened to reach Manmeet's profile on FB. I am addicted to her live sessions now. With each session I learnt something new. On our first interaction during a live session she was so accurate about the reason for my father's death. My trust in her got reinforced with each session. Even during the mediumship session she channeled a message from him and it was so so accurate. I am extremely media shy but I never hesitate sharing her live sessions and now this, writing a review for her, because I completely trust her and believe she is gifted and willing to share her gift with others. I will be grateful to her all my life and my biggest take away is keep your vibrations high.”

-Aruna (Gurgaon)

What to expect from the mediumship consult ?


A mediumship session is divided into two parts – the first part is about the spirit giving information about their life – their choices, likes, and dislikes. This part is where the spirit shares their memories of this life.


The Medium reading goes like this- Spirits confess how they view their life, their success and failures, lessons and missed opportunities, the chances they took, and the regrets they had, and how they could have taken a stand for themselves but didn’t, and how they could have heard their inner voice that would have changed their life.


The medium and psychic Dr. Manmit Kumarr smiles and says, “Mostly, two things stand out in all the readings that I have done so far. Everyone feels that they should have forgiven quickly and not carried the grudges deep within their hearts. The second thing that they say is that love is the answer. Always.”


The second part of the session is focused on responding to questions that the family has. Here, it is important to understand that the spirit chooses to answer what it would like to. Mediums are pure channels and can only relay information that is passed from them through spirit.


It is best that we do not ask the spirit to share visions about the future, but rather concentrate on closure. Send them peacefully to light and allow them to move forward on their journey.

What Not To Expect:


It’s not necessary that you will see the soul.


It’s not necessary that you hear them, or that you receive very clear or detailed information.


If you’re asking questions like “where are my lost keys?” just to test the spirit, please don’t do that. It takes a lot of energy for the spirit also to connect and you shouldn’t pursue this if you don’t have faith.


More often than not, the spirit comes there to give you closure and ask you to move on. Make sure you are ready to hear that.

How can one use this service?

The best you can do is move forward in your journey knowing that death doesn’t mean the end. The soul is eternal and that you have allies, supporters, and energies who care about you, beyond what meets the eye.

If you receive any messages from your Departed loved ones, know that

a) it is your personal choice to act/not act on them and

b) appreciate the beauty of free will and choices as a human being.

Hear from the Meduimship Session Participants

“I requested Manmeet Ma’am to help me as a medium after losing a loved one, I was helpless and full of doubts after I got in touch with her. Pratima (her team) is extremely compassionate and understanding. Manmeet ma’am herself counseled me, the humility with which ma’am spoke to me can only come from a true spiritual person. I was an absolute non believer but the accuracy and detailing in her messages that she gave was impeccable. Grief is hard. I truly got closure and felt at peace. Deep gratitude. I am looking forward to have a long association with the Soul Miracles family. Ma’am held my hand through one of the most difficult phases of my life. Love you Manmeet ma’am.”

- Debangana Deb Roy

“Manmeet Ma’am came to our rescue when we felt like we were drowning. With my dad’s sudden death due to Covid 19 complications, we didn’t get time to see him or even have that last goodbye. We lost him in what we perceive to be the cruelest manner. We found out about mediumship and heard reviews of Soul Miracles. We planned an hour-long session with Ma’am. Nothing can describe the depth of my gratitude. Mam gave us the chance to convey love and last messages to Papa and hear his last wishes for us. Every account/little details of his life that mam shared was extremely personal and very special. There were things she said that no one but him could have told her ? We feel that through this session, we have received the strength to move forward with our lives and to make something of it. And most importantly, it gave us the confidence that though we can’t see him anymore, he hasn’t really left us. The love and his constant blessings is very much still there. Thank you Soul Miracles! May God bless you.”

- Vasundhara Jha (Corporate Professional)


Pricing/Duration/Mode of Consult/Terms and Conditions

A personal session is an interaction with the family of the person who has passed away. This session involves an online or physical presence of the family, the Medium, and the Spirit. In addition to answering their questions, this medium reading is meant to give closure and comfort to the family. 

The questions need to be sent in advance, though last-minute questions can be taken as an exception. We request a picture of the deceased beforehand to establish communication. Once this contact is established, a session can be booked.

This service is confidential and therefore is conducted in the form of a one-on-one session. This can be done online or in person.

Mediumship consult

Time duration: 60 minutes
Mode of consult: Online and In person


Online: 60,000/-

In Person: 85,000/-

Mediumship Consult FAQs

When Is The Earliest That We Can Schedule A Mediumship Consult After Someone Has Passed Away?

It is usually recommended that we connect with departed souls after 21 days of passing away. This could be different in the case of a tragic death or an attempt to take one’s own life.

Can This Mediumship Consult be Done Online Or Does It Have To Be In Person?

The session can be comfortably done online as well. The session can be delivered physically as well as in a voice recording or an email. You can let us know your preference and we would work accordingly.

How Can I Schedule A Mediumship Session?

Thank you for asking, seeker! Get in touch with our team at

Practicing mediumship is a sacred and novel profession. Its purpose is to bring hope, closure, and peace. The process of Spirit Channeling can be very eye-opening. We have experienced people in immense pain looking for a sign, some clarity, some hope, and return with their hearts full of people and acceptance. If you are in pain after the passing away of a loved one, reach write to us at 

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