Psychic Readings

These Psychic readings by Dr. Manmit Kumarr offer insights and guidance that can guide people in gaining a deeper understanding of their life’s circumstances and potential decisions. These readings also helps getting the clarity and a fresh perspective, helping people navigate challenges with greater confidence.

Career Psychic Reading

USD 115/ INR 8888

Discover your professional future and know how you can be successful in your job or business. Clear, concise answers to take your career to the next level. Know your career path and explore how this can turn into reality with the help of this reading. What mistakes to avoid, which strategies to implement and what should be your focus area going forward- all these questions are answered in this reading. If you wish to add astrology to this intuitive reading and get remedies for that too, you can do so. This reading covers all the questions that you may have around making your career successful and abundant.

Comprehensive Life Reading

USD 444/ INR 35000

Everything that your future holds- from money, success, fame, change, relationship guidance, how to have more peace at home, decision making and dealing with sudden challenges- is covered via this powerful reading. Dr Manmit uses her clairvoyance and guidance from the Masters and Spirit Guides to help you navigate life. A reading that she recommends if you are faced with sudden changes/health issues/feeling stuck/not knowing what to do next/are in grief/cannot sleep due to anxiety of the future. This reading brings clarity, peace, strength and focus back into your life.

Love Relationship Psychic Reading

USD 130/ INR 9999

Soulmates, Twin Flames, Karmic relationships, Soul Twins- discover the nature of which relationship is weighing you down at the moment. Your heart yearns for true love- yet it is denied to you at this moment- for a reason. Find out that reason and gain peace of mind. All questions related to love and relationships are covered in this reading. What is your soul purpose in this relationship? How can you make this work? Will it end/will it stay? Will the person realize your astral importance in their life? What guidance do the guides have for you? Ease your heart and soul with this reading and invite peace, love and happiness back into your life.

Connect With Your Departed Loved Ones via Automatic Writing – One Question Reading

USD 100/ INR 7777

The loss of our loved one could be the most traumatic time for us. If you wish to connect to their soul, Dr. Manmit can do this for you via Automatic Writing. You can ask one question in this reading. She is a Medium who connects to her Spirit Guides to get these answers. For a full closure, we recommend a Mediumship session. This is for those who wish to know just one question.

1 Question Psychic Reading

USD 45/ INR 3200

Explore the possibilities in your future with trusted and proven readings by Dr. Manmit. Whatever is weighing on your mind, solve it by getting clarity on the way forward. This reading covers one specific question on any aspect of your life- be it career, relationship, job, or a direction that you are seeking. Ask a clarity-based question – it could be yes, no, what possibilities exist for me in this area? This is not suitable for overall guidance but is ideal for taking that one step forward.

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