Soul Miracles Practitioners

Meet the Soul Miracles Team of Coaches and Healers.

The warriors of Light initiated at Soul Miracles are all set to trailblaze the way to elevate consciousness on the planet. 

To achieve the vision of touching 5 million lives through Spirituality, Dr. Manmit Kumarr started creating an army of Lightworkers in 2021. 

These people, who decided that healing was their purpose, underwent strict training and hard work under the guidance of Dr. Kumarr. They have worked over the course of a year to harness & sharpen their healing abilities through Automatic Writing and Bach Flowers. 

They practice these modalities and help people with emotional healing, body healing and spiritual transformation. They are trained through various healing models and help people to heal and evolve.

We invite you to explore the directory of our stupendous graduates. These heart-centered people are ready to receive you.

Spiritual Coaches

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Ravi Kant

I’m Ravi Kant and this is what I believe in. I believe that every desirable transformation starts with you. When you embrace spirituality and operate from the authenticity of your soul, the doors to newer possibilities tend to open up. Like you I too had a tumultuous journey with life and I know what it feels like to be there. Come and let’s help you understand and design a life that resonates with the authenticity of your soul.

Reach out at or call/whatsapp at +91 9811626045

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Shashi Nim

If you feel the need to reach out to someone for answers to your concerns about overall wellness or specific areas of your life, please do so, and I will walk alongside you as you understand and heal.

I am Shashi Nim, an empathic Automatic Writing Practitioner, taught by the best Spiritual Coach, Dr. Manmit Kumarr, on my way to becoming a Spiritual Coach. Through Automatic Writing, we get guided messages from our Spirit Guides and higher energies for our daily life questions in areas such as career, office, home, relationships, children, health, wealth, and abundance.

I specialize in offering solutions to healing permanently by guiding you on how to shift your life towards overall wellness and enjoy life the way you were meant to – a balanced enriched life.

Reach out at or call/whatsapp at +91 9811626045

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Vandana Yaduvanshi

Hi, I am Vandana Yaduvanshi, a finance professional turned spiritual coach and energy healer. Being a spiritually grounded minimalist, I am on a mission to redefine our mental, financial and emotional patterns using spiritual tools and techniques. I want that everyone gains freedom from all their abundance blocks by awakening a new life of prosperity and stepping into greatness with my transformational approach and platform.

I am one of the certified spiritual coaches from Soul Miracles. I practice automatic writing and do a lot of energy work for counselling, healing and transforming lives around health, finance, relationship, and spiritual growth.

Reach out at or call/whatsapp at +91 9811626045

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Sonal Gulati Chadha

Sonal Gulati Chadha, is a psychic healer having the ability to heal people emotionally and physically. Blessed with psychic gifts since she was young, she was able to discover her gift of automatic writing. Since then she is dedicated to heal emotions, trauma, body pain and any other feeling needing attention. Her empathic approach makes her a go-to person for any challenge.

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Yashwant Verma

Yashwant Verma is naturally blessed with Spirituality & Holistic Healing. His inquisition to understand the root cause of any spiritual or material issues, makes him upgrade and constantly learn other modalities of spirituality and healing. His in-depth accurate diagnosis of the problems makes him stand out and reflects his genuine nature of trying to guide and help people.
Mantra Healing, Distance Healing, Automatic Writing, Mediumship, BCST, Yoga, Meditation, and Mantra healing are a few of the healing techniques, which he has mastered to help and uplift people. His long-term goal is to spread awareness about the spirituality and Sanatan Hindu Traditions in their actual form explaining both scientific and mystical aspects of the traditions.

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Kusum Hemnani

I am Kusum Hemnani. I channel for power of love and God. I am blessed with strong intuition and have further sharpened and tuned it with high powered courses. My work is based on Divine Light and Live Guidance by Angels. I facilitate long term solutions to money problems, relationship issues as well as body healing amongst other areas of life. With the guidance of the Divine Power, I can guide you to heal your body/emotional pain. But that’s not it, post healing you are guided to know YOUR OWN POWER OF HEALING. I can guide you to transform yourself.

Reach out at or call/whatsapp at +91 9811626045

Automatic Writing Practitioners Batch 2

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Rima Bhandari

Hi, I am Rima Bhandari, Automatic Writing Practitioners & an Energy Healer. I have been an empath since childhood and was intrigued to dive deeper to know the purpose of life. I deeply believe that every transformation starts with you. I am on a mission to heal people’s blockages which prevent them from tapping into their gifts and achieving their life’s dreams, goals and ambitions. Before starting on this spiritual journey, I completed my bachelors in physiotherapist and worked with many hospitals and also opened my own clinic. I enjoyed healing & treating my clients through my professional skills. In addition to my work as a spiritual coach, I enjoy cooking and doing Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese art form.

I am one of the certified Practitioners from Soul Miracles. I practice automatic writing, perform energy work for counselling, healing and transforming lives around health, finances, relationships, career and spiritual growth. Here’s a personal invite from me to you to come & join this fascinating journey into the world of spirituality.

Reach out at or call/whatsapp at +91 9811626045

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Hi, I am Plabita, a psychologist who was always intrigued to dive deeper to understand the meaning of life and human behaviour. An empath since childhood, my spirituality journey started after a life changing experience. I came to know that my life purpose is to heal and help people to connect with the “Light”. Groomed and polished by Manmeet ma’am and with the help of my Spirit Guides, I am now ready to further my journey in helping individuals find the answers they are looking for! My strengths are inclusive of holding a calm approach, building courage, and utilizing my intuitive abilities to empathize with others’ perspectives.

These skills help me gain clarity to understand the messages and life lessons from the Universe for myself and others. I strongly believe and preach “No matter what the circumstances are, Universe always has your back!” Wishing all Love and Light.

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Batch Flowers Practitioners

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Kusum Hemnani

I am Kusum Hemnani. I am an Automatic writing practice and facilitate healing along with Bach Flowers. This plant therapy or treatment as you may call it, is one of the most effective tool I use in my modality. The reason being, it gives a head start to my clients to work towardstransformation. It takes a lot of effort to get started until you are on your way. Bach Flowers is super duper powerful and I have so far have had 100% success rate with all my clients.

Needless to say, I have experimented it on myself and have had tremendous results in healing myself. To all those who wish to try it, you will not regret it a bit. It’s the easiest way out and the most harmless one.

Reach out at or call/whatsapp at +91 9811626045

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Venika Sukhija

People appreciate my Happiness Level and I proudly say that’s my lifestyle
with Bach Flowers! Bach Flower Remedies have created magic in my life by
keeping me in more awareness and in a balanced state. Being a Practitioner,
I help out people now to understand their different emotional layers and help
them understand as well that how emotions play a vital role in keeping our
mental and Physical health happy and healthy by being into higher vibrations.

Reach out at or call/whatsapp at +91 9811626045

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Shweta Gautam

Hi, I am Shweta Gautam, a certified Bach Flowers practitioner from Soul Miracles. It is while learning this modality that I discovered my strength and gift of accurate analysis of imbalanced emotional states which can be beautifully and naturally balanced using the potent healing potions that Bach Flowers are.

My aim is to empower people through Bach Flowers therapy to gradually arrive at a point of awareness, enable them to confidently navigate their respective maze of emotions and elevate their lives by helping them take a step towards spiritual sufficiency. And that’s our mantra at Soul Miracles!

Reach out at or call/whatsapp at +91 9811626045

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Shivani Arora

Hi, my name is Shivani Arora, I am a Bach flower practitioner and a teacher. I am one of the first few Bach flower practitioners in Bahrain. I do practice few other occult modalities too, but my personal experience with Bach flowers remedies took me to a better space in life which became a catalyst of me becoming passionate in learning and spreading knowledge about these magical potions. In this space, I would like to introduce you to a very simple and natural method of emotional healing for a well-balanced life “The Bach Flower Remedies”.

They are a set of 38 remedies. This system focuses on the personalities imbalances and negative emotions. If you are someone who prefers holistic form of treatment and going through emotional problems and pains, stuck in process of changes, feeling emotionally exhausted and in need of pick-me-up.

I can help you get most of your life by creating a safe space for you and help you heal with Bach flowers remedies. They will leave you feelin happier, calmer and more in control of your life.

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