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The Bach Flower Remedy for focus and concentration helps you ground your focus on the present moment. The remedy shows results in 4-6 weeks.

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How it works

This remedy helps you to focus on a task or situation at hand and solve problems in a better manner. It has been proven effective for busy executives, children with concentration problems, old people with memory issues, and anyone who wants to sharpen their concentration and improve their memory.

Bach flower rescue remedy is one of the most effective alternate mental health therapies out there.

The way to consume the remedy is as follows-

• Option 1: 4 drops have to be taken 4 times a day 4-4-4-4(For example: If you take the first dose at 8 am, the next dose should be taken at 12 pm, the third at 4 pm, and the last at 8 pm).
These drops have to be put on the tongue and swallowed after 10 to 15 seconds.

• Option 2: If you feel the need to dissolve them, put 16 drops of a remedy in 1-liter of water (preferably in a glass bottle) and consume through the day by sipping it.

Note- Avoid option 1 if you have acidity issues.

• In case you have been given two remedies (one bottle named medicine 1, the other medicine 2)
Medicine 1 is to be consumed on odd dates (1,3,5 and so on) and
Medicine 2 is to be consumed on odd-even dates (2,4,6 and so on)

For example, if you start taking the medicine on May 20th, you will consume medicine 1, followed by medicine 2 on the 21st of May, and so forth.
• On the 31st day of any month, you take medicine 1 and continue with the same on the 1st of the following month.

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Que 1 – How to use the Bach Flower Remedies?

It is safe to have Bach Flower Remedies with any allopathic, homeopathy or ayurvedic treatment that you may be currently on.
These drops have to be put on the tongue- four drops at one time and swallowed after 10 to 15 seconds.
The standard dose is 4 drops- four times a day- at an interval of four hours each.
Because Bach Flowers are completely natural, you can never overdose on them. They do not have any side effects.
In case you feel that you need to dissolve them in one teaspoon of water and then consume them, you can do so too.
The Focus and Concentration remedy is for children as much as it is for adults. Since children may forget to have this four times a day, you may add 16 drops to their water bottles in the morning. They can sip this water throughout the day.
These remedies are not a replacement for any medicines that you may be having.

Que 2 – Who can the Bach Flower Remedies be used by?

The Bach Flower Remedies can be used by anyone and everyone- even your pets and plants.
These can safely be taken by pregnant women, children above the age of two years, and old people.
These natural extracts of flowers gently and slowly work on our emotions to restore balance.
These make an excellent gift for friends and family- gifting them health, positivity, immunity, and wellbeing.

Que 3 – How do the Bach Flower Remedies work?

The Bach Flower Remedies work on our emotions and mental frame- and gradually restore them to balance. Emotions like fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, depression, overwhelm, jealousy, panic, lack of love, and many more are gently restored and the person feels more positive.

Que 4 – What results can you expect with Bach Flower Remedies?

More balance in the emotions that were overwhelming you
More joy
Increased immunity
An ability to look at things with more balance
Not taking everything personally
An overall positive outlook on life
Peaceful thoughts

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