Psychic Development

A psychic is someone who can look into the future based on their clairs or psychic senses.

We are all intuitive, but at times, we do not trust our own intuition and regret it later. Living in a practical and logical world, we have forgotten the art of tapping into our own powerful intuition. How would it feel if your intuition was laser sharp and you could work with it as a tool to enhance the quality of your decisions?

Psychic development refers to the understanding, gaining from and participating in the world of energy that we live in. By shopping our senses and tuning into the universal energy we can have a flow off cosmic consciousness flow towards us and help us live a more energetic life.

Spiritual information is constantly being broadcast in our world and it is important that we learn how to tune into it. Interpretation of this information can help us taking important decisions of our life. It is very similar to interpreting human communication – it is done through our five senses. Descensus or Claire’s add a gift available to every human being . Do most people have one or two gifts that are dominant and allow the person to see or interpret messages through them. For me personally, it is the sense of seeing or Clairvoyance, along with a sense of knowing or Claircognizance that work predominantly. Each one of us has the potential and ability to sharpen these senses and tune them to interpret the signals in a significant way.

These gifts of naturally having sharp intuitive senses can be a gift that is handed down from generation to generation. In my own case, my great grandmother was a psychic and I strongly believe that my gift comes from her. Sometimes we are aware of these gifts and at other times we need a push in life to be able to discover them.

This video course is an excellent tool to sharpen your psychic senses- the sense of sight, smell, hearing, feeling and intuition. Working at your pace, this course offers to open your own energies and align them to the Universe. Sharpening this sense of intuition is a powerful way too lead a more aware life.

The common psychic senses are:

  1. Clairaudience: Psychic hearing: Hearing the spiritual world is called Clairaudience, a clear hearing. You may hear voices, sound, music inside your head. These voices can give us important messages about our life, if only we tune into them. 
  2. Clairvoyance: Psychic sight: this gift helps people to see visions as if they are happening in a movie. the sense of sight comes across as images and videos that sometimes can be random, and other times can play out in a sequential manner. Many Psychics claim that they are Clairvoyant, and they get to see the future through these visions.
  3. Clairsentience: Psychic feeling: When we feel the emotions of others or derive messages through feeling, it is this sense that we are using. The strong “gut feeling” that most people have corresponds to this sense.
  4. Claircognizance: Psychic knowing: this is the most common gift of all – the gift of intuition or knowing. many people get messages about their future without seeing visions or hearing voices – they just seem to know it.

When we begin to understand the power of these senses, we start to take control and participate in the universal dance of energy. Everyone can sharpen their psychic senses; it is a matter of practise and knowing the right techniques. To begin with, meditation is an excellent way of doing this. When we sit in meditation, we slowly move from external stimuli to going deeper within our own selves. 

Understanding how our mind, body and soul interact with the universe and how they can be perfect channels for imbibing the universal energy is an interesting concept and a powerful tool to help people live in their power. 

Concepts like energy, tuning in to higher energies, tapping into your psychic abilities, sharpening intuition, protection from unwanted energies, connecting with the elements of nature and much more is taught. Manmeet uses her own gift of being a Psychic to help explain concepts that balance the practical and the intuitive side of every human being. 

Once we know how to expand our energy and use our intuitive powers, we automatically align towards a higher path that helps us to achieve our purpose in this life.

You should consider this course if:

  1. You are an intuitive and feel that you get messages before things happen.
  2. You are a seeking intuitive and would like to sharpen your intuitive abilities.
  3. You see flashes of light from the corner of your eye.
  4. You are on the spiritual path and would like to start your journey from a strong foundational tool.
  5. You see repeated numbers like 111, 222 or any other synchronised sequence.
  6. You are a budding psychic and would like to sharpen your senses.
  7. You are a healer and would like to have a sharp sense of intuition to help your clients further.
  8. You believe in the concept of energy but do not know how to develop and make your own energy more powerful.
  9. You suffer from psychic attacks, black magic and have people around you whose energy drains yours daily. You would like to know how to protect your energy.
  10. You worked in the healthcare field or are an impact and would like to know how to draw boundaries and nourish your own space.
  11. You would like to understand who spirit guides are and how to connect with them.
  12. You want to be a master of your own energy.
  13. You have sharp intuition but would like to develop clairvoyance or other psychic senses.
  14. You are intrigued with the world of spirituality, psychics and energy healers.
  15. You would like to know what to do with your gifts and how to use them for helping yourself and others.

Our senses are the gateway to higher information.

Some tools are mentioned below. Please reach out to us for a detailed understanding and a demo video of the same.

  • Who is a psychic?
  • What are psychic senses? What is your strongest sense?
  • Understanding Energy and learning how to tap into the Divine Universal Energy
  • Knowing your own Energy points
  • Understanding your Energy body and the concept of Energy Zones
  • Knowing what drains your energy, psychic manipulations and how to protect yourself from it.
  • The concept of pre-birth plan
  • Understanding and developing your Psychic Senses- clear tools to sharpen your intuition.
  • Aligning to the energy of the Universe
  • Sharpening your intuition to work towards clear messages.
  • Introduction to and connection with Spirit Guides

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