Quick Read 1: How Strange Is Life?

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Life is so strange. At times, it flies. Your kids grow up so fast, jobs, houses, friends, career, personal growth, meetings, vacations- it’s like you are on a fast train with barely enough time for yourself.

Yet- even in that frenzied time, if you meet THAT moment, THAT memory- everything comes to a standstill. You know what I’m saying?

These are the people who are our Teachers. These are our Lessons, milestones on our Soul Path.

What do you do then? When THAT feeling comes?

Do you turn and get busy immediately? Do anything that distracts you and takes your mind off this pain? Call your friends, go out shopping or eating… Or do you go through these feelings? See the heart of the lesson in the shadow of pain?

One thing is for sure. The Lesson, the pain, will only go away once we learn from it. The more we delay, the more intense it gets. The Relationship will change once we’ve understood what it’s trying to teach us.

So the next time you feel a pang, life slows down, makes you wonder why this area of your life is not working- use it as an opportunity to learn. Sit with your feelings and talk to them.

Accept, process and learn.

It’s your journey. It’s your Life. Make it a Masterpiece.

We all have problems in life, but we should know how to handle them. If you could relate to the blog or have a question about it then don’t hesitate to shoot a comment in the comment section below.

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