2023: The Year of Soul Searching and Unveiling

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Depending on the stage of our Soul Transformation, we are guided and attracted to different frequencies of being and healing, which we connect to different forms of a God or Goddess.

You can call it a segment of ‘Soul Searching’. 

Krishna is the frequency of unconditional love, Durga is the slayer of darkness, Adishakti is the Divine Feminine Consciousness, Laxmi is the harbinger of abundance, and so on.

Maa Kali and Lord Kal Bhairav are the energy drawn upon when extreme measures are required. Either to protect what is ours or to stretch the Soul’s boundaries to the highest level of evolution, a version 3.0 if you may, to break free from human manipulation and karmic extortion. This is my energy for 2023.

Notice the picture where She removes her mask of gentleness, unveiling her fierce energy.

Notice the second where all is about balance.

If need be, the Kali avatar is unleashed.

So it is for me this year.

This energy manifests itself as “Enough! No more.”

“I stand tall to fight all layers of darkness.”

Whether it is created by others, by karmic bondages, or by our own fears and protective instincts to keep peace and harmony at all costs. The energy of fierceness is an important ingredient to go to the next level. People pleasing and ways that are comfortable must be shed as a skin one has outgrown. I no longer care about judgment; interestingly, I feel that this year will test me on this.

I am ready.

This year of Ketu has work cut out for me. It will ask me to reach the deepest parts of myself, and also of the Pyramids. Egypt calls me to do deep work on the Akashic Records.

I am ready.

What has to be birthed from my soul this year — my workshops, the book, the courage to let go of people, will be birthed.

I am ready.


Elated and joyous that I have found and synced my energies with what is my next level of learning.

What is yours? What calls you? Where is your Soul Searching leading you? 

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Soul Miracles

Soul Miracles


Dr. Manmeet Kumar is a Spiritual Coach who founded Soul Miracles in 2016. She uses her gifts of being a psychic and a medium to enable others to transform their inner core.

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  1. kanika

    My soul searching is leading me meet my deepest darkest side with utmost courage , question the need behind it and face the truth and hence invite light and healing in my life !!


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