“Workshops with Dr. Manmit are healing and energizing. She unboxes the spiritual world in a very easy and understandable way giving simple tips that can be used in daily life. There is also a community that her team fosters which brings in connectedness and leaning in support when needed. If you have questions that remain unanswered or have decisions that need to be made, Soul Miracles is the place to go! It’s my happy space!”

- Bani Kaur

“Soul Miracles is a place where we let go of our inhibitions and drop our guards down. Who doesn’t wish for an environment as such? I definitely cherished learning that there is so much more beyond existing as a physical being. If we are looking for answers to all the whats and ifs of our lives then we definitely need to go soul searching under Dr. Manmeet Kumarr’s guidance. I loved every moment of her classes and today I am looking forward to my life motivated, better directed, with a new perspective and immense sense of joy. My love ❤️ will always be there for the entire team of Soul Miracles. Let’s spread more light.”

- Purna Dutta

“Dr Manmeet is a thorough professional and her sessions leave me with a sense of well being and calm always. Her energy and aura, which is very important in work like this, is charismatic. People like mam are aptly called light workers or energy workers. This whole path / spiritual journey can be uplifting or outright boring. I am glad I started my journey with her as a guide.”

Suchithra Thyagraj

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soul medium
soul miracles akashic records

“I recently completed Automatic Writing with Dr Manmit. I must say that it completely shifted my perspective about life, relationships and my purpose. It is rightly said that whatever you are seeking is seeking you ..my search stopped at Soul Miracles. Dr Manmit is a fabulous teacher and she makes the class very lively. The tools and techniques taught in AW are very practical and totally implementable. AW is a way of life and I am so glad that now I have the awareness to lead my life directed by higher consciousness. Deepest gratitude to my Guru Dr Manmit.”


“I have recently done my workshop of Automatic Writing Level 1 with Manmit Ma'am , prior to this I have not even heard about this before. It was nothing less than magical for me as we can connect to our spirit guides. My personal experience was so overwhelming, as I have lost my beloved husband and I wanted to connect with him and after doing the exercises and meditation techniques suggested by ma'am I received the guidance from my spirit guides and as well as my husband . I am very very grateful to ma'am for her very well explained guidance and support during the entire period and throughout the workshop as well . She has structured the content so well that from basic she has started and later goes on to the higher level. I am taking abundance of guidance while connecting to my spirit guides. This has also brought meditation as an integral part of my daily routine , which I feel as a huge shift in my life. “

“I came to know of Automatic writing after reading a book " Laws of the spirit world" written by Khorshed Bhavnagri.I read it in 2011 and 2012. I was always curious to know how this works and Since i lost my dad in 2010. I wanted to figure out a way to connect with him. Then in 2020 I kept remembering my dad and in the middle of the night i thought why not try to learn AW, maybe i can connect with my dad. I googled it as I wanted to find a Teacher near me. Manmeet and Soul Miracles' names popped up. i waited till morning and then called up the number, it was Pratima on the other side. I spoke to her and told her what i longed for and Pratima told me that Manmeet mam will help me. I am Thankful to Pratima, as she had been guiding me on and off during my pre workshop days. I did AW1 - i was able to connect with my dad whom i lost 10 yrs back and then AW2- AW2 is very essential post AW1 as it helps in expansion of our thoughts our DNA, Our heart, it helps us heal our body it teaches us to connect with our body, as we are incomplete without our mind body and soul. It teaches us to love ourselves and helps us to let go of things and past that we are holding on to. It has helped me to figure out my ancestral curses, karmic debts, my blocks and the family patterns. AW1 and AW2 have given me the insight of self healing and connection to the higher self, we all are a part of the soul family and the universe loves us and is always there for us. All we need to do is just accept and let go. Pray and be inline with the light.”

I did the Bach Flower Workshop without any prior knowledge of the remedies nor had any idea regarding its usage. It is a one-day workshop where I got to know its origin, the number of remedies, and how each flower’s essence is connected to our emotions, helping us to break the vicious circle of negative feelings. Maam helped us understand each of the remedies in detail, its dosage, and even the directions to use it for plants and our pets. After the workshop, I can now prepare the remedies myself and for others. Its been truly a learning experience enriched with our own personal and professional growth. As with my own experience with bach flowers, It is just amazing. In general, I am a very disciplined and impatient person which makes me furious at times seeing other people’s way of doing their work. After taking the remedies, I am more tolerant and patient and now I understand the other person’s limitations as well. I have seen an immensely positive change in one of my friends as well. He has communication issues. Post taking the remedies, he now initiates conversations clearly and confidently. To me, the bach flower is a medium that opens you up and uplifts you to be a better version of yourself.

- Plabita Patowary

Clinical Psychologist, Gurgaon

“I have attended the Bach flower workshop with Dr. Manmit Kumarr yesterday. This workshop was like a true “Miracle” to me! This workshop is for those who want to treat their problems/illnesses from the root. We always treat our physical symptoms but never go deep down to treat our emotional imbalance!! This workshop is all about that. It was so an intense and deep workshop. What I love about Manmit Ma’am is she makes all her workshops simple, practical n joyous. In this workshop, Manmit ma’am not only helped me how to heal myself but also taught me how to take Bach remedies to the world, most importantly how to help others to heal. I strongly, strongly, yes strongly recommend it to everyone!! Let’s shift the world.”

- Rima Bhandari

Spiritual Seeker, Tokyo

I would like to share my experience of the Bach Flower Remedies Workshop (Basic Level) with Manmeet Ma’am, who is an experienced practitioner with lots of knowledge to share about Bach Flower Essences. This is one of the workshops I have done with ma’am, and I waited desperately to attend this one in particular…Since Bach Flower Remedies work on emotions and emotions was always something that had intrigued me, this was the sure thing to take up. The journey of this workshop is amazing, from the informative pdf hand notes to explain each and every bach flower remedy in-depth during the 2 days workshop to discussing case studies and much more which has come to her with practice and experience…also after the workshop WhatsApp support group is available to discuss the doubts and queries, which too ma’am guides personally. The biggest takeaway for me from this workshop is the realization of the core of my true emotions and understanding of the layers of emotions hidden in one’s behavior and patterns which later manifests into diseases in the physical body. I highly recommend this workshop as this powerful and gentle tool of healing can help resolve emotional imbalances of self, family, and friends. I am grateful that I initiated my Bach Flower journey with Manmeet Ma’am and I look forward to continuing my journey of learning in the Advance level workshop and sharing the remedies. Thank you so much ma’am for your guidance.

- Shivani Arora

Spiritual Seeker, Bahrain

I met Manmeet Mam after running from pillar to post to several spiritual healers ranging from Astrology, numerology, tarot reading, etc but still couldn’t find clear answers. Then fortunately as destined, I met Manmeet Mam and attended the workshop on Automatic writing which opened an entirely new set of perspectives for me. I learned about my higher self, how I could channel it and get answers to my day-to-day life problems, how I can attract abundance and prosperity, and remove all the blockages of my life from Connection, Allowance, and Awareness. Manmeet Mam is a very genuine good soul on this earth who is helping us to move on our soul path wherein we can achieve whatever we want with ease and peacefully. They say that no one is more honorable than a spiritual guru who can ascend us and make us move forward to our soul journey. Manmeet Mam is one of those rare spiritual gurus and mentors who can shift your life. Infinite gratitude and more power to Mam.  

- Sonia Bharaj

Lawyer, Delhi

“I attended this Automatic Writing workshop with Dr. Manmit Kumar and I have no words to describe it. I mean it’s something out of the world and one really needs to experience this. It was a complete package with tools supporting a spiritual journey along with a lot of other aspects one needs to be mindful of for a smooth journey. For me, this has just not revealed a lot of reasons about the present challenges and life circumstances I am facing but also shifted my perspective and awareness on life, self, and the connection around me. I am still excited to see what more it shall reveal and improve the life quality. From the bottom of my heart..deep gratitude mam. God Bless you and your team for being so supportive. Thanks a lot. “

- Mitali Shah

Teacher, Vadodara

I found the workshop to be magical. AW 1 can be a life-changing experience for anyone who wants to get in touch with their own higher self, empower themselves to live a fulfilling life and become a better version of themselves. Manmeet Ma’am is so full of energy, and life, and her commitment to the work she is doing is commendable. Her teaching is precise and practical. This workshop has opened my eyes to the power of the “universe” and the importance of self-compassion & allowance. I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to do deep inner work that can lead you to real satisfaction, joy, and self-empowerment.

- Shivani Oberoi

IT Professional, Gurgaon

It is very difficult to summarize what I have gained from the AW1 workshop. Manmeet Ma’am’s session has changed my perspective on life. The connectivity with the universe has shifted my life. I feel blessed that I got the divine guidance and support of Manmeet Ma’am and Soul miracles family. To feel her magical and divine energy one has to work with her. You will get all the answers to your questions as I got. Thank you ma’am for everything and Thank you God for giving me this opportunity to work under her guidance.

- Jyoti Rai

Teacher, Vishakhapatnam

“My experience with Manmeet Mam is life-changing. I met her when I was completely shattered due to the death of my loved one. She bought me back to life and showed me my life’s purpose and its significance. I am on a never-ending journey with her. I feel empowered and a different person after the workshop on Automatic Writing. She is a very powerful psychic and her vibrations are very high. Whosoever is looking for a meaningful life and searching for a spiritual path, I recommend Manmeet Kumar to you. Trust me, your life will change completely. She helps you transform and evolve. “

- Divya Mishra


I have recently done my workshop on Automatic Writing Level 1 with Manmit Ma’am, prior to this I have not even heard about this before. It was nothing less than magical for me as we can connect to our spirit guides. My personal experience was so overwhelming, as I have lost my beloved husband and I wanted to connect with him after doing the exercises and meditation techniques suggested by ma’am I received guidance from my spirit guides as well as my husband. I am very very grateful to ma’am for her very well-explained guidance and support during the entire period and throughout the workshop as well. She has structured the content so well that from basic she has started and later goes on to the higher level. I am taking an abundance of guidance while connecting to my spirit guides. This has also brought meditation an integral part of my daily routine, which I feel is a huge shift in my life.

- Abhilasha Dutta

IT Professional, Gurgaon

I undertook the workshop for Automatic Writing. It has given me a new and different perspective and approach to spirituality. Further the journey and teaching warrant and push you to undertake a lot of inner reflection and introspect your daily lives, so that you can become a better version of yourself. My own relationships have seen a positive shift, for which I have immense gratitude. Simple, Lucid, Friendly, Beautiful, and an authoritative Task Master, Manmeet, is one of the few whom I have met who pushes you and doesn’t give up on her guidance. Highly recommend it for those exploring spirituality.

- Anand Iyer

Enterprenuer, Mumbai

“I have completed the Automatic writing level 1 course with Manmeet Ma’am. It’s been a wonderful journey, the course being experiential in nature has helped me in evolving various qualities & also in moving on over many things in life. I would personally recommend these workshops to people who are really looking forward to something which can help them to shift their lives for the betterment and uplift their morale to stand up and face the music of the world rather than trying to avoid it by closing their ears. “

- Priyanka Tyagi

Yoga Trainer, Noida

My name is Neha and I have been so keen to share my experience with Automatic writing level 1 with Soul Miracles. Just as the name says, it’s a miracle! So first of all I would like to say thank you that I got such a wonderful gift from mam and the universe of course. I am so blessed to come across the Soul Miracles family and Pratima and Manmeet Ma’am of course all of whom are doing so much beyond what money could buy. Like everyone else, I too had so many hurdles in my life that most of the time even I felt about what should I do now or what is going to happen. AW answers that question for all of us. So let it be a small fight alone or some mishappening or any guidance you need in life, doesn’t it feel nice if someone would just tell with ease that you have to say this or you have to do this or react in a particular way? So this is the wish that came true for me and I was able to strengthen my intuition and meet my guides. Every day, constantly my guides tell me what to do and I listen to them with full faith and confidence and also act accordingly and have seen so many shocking and surprising results. During AW, there were answers I got, closures that happened, and most important it became so clear what my purpose is going forward in life and how to work towards that. It has shown me a path that my guides will never let me get diverted from and I hope it will to you as well. I am so full of gratitude that I can’t express it in words. Trust me it is beyond something that you are paying for and you will feel that it is all worth it, your time, your money everything! I am definitely going to be a part of AW 2 & 3 since now I feel that there could not be a better use of my life, my money, and my time than doing this. Hope by reading my journey , someone gets inspired to for it and I will be so obliged.

- Neha Gupta

Corporate Professional, UK

I definitely recommend Dr. Manmeet Ji for various workshops -100%. You have to attend it to understand what I am saying. My experience with her when doing the automatic workshop was awesome. Words are inadequate to express how amazing her workshop was. She has touched the lives of so many people, including my sister and me a life-transforming experience. She’s an excellent teacher though strict at times with a fantastic sense of humor and God-sent. She connects with each at a personal level and problems become micro from macro. My heartfelt gratitude to you and your fantastic team for your personal touch, changing and transforming lives for the better. I am so empowered after each session and my life has been transformed by the extensive support her team gives.

- Geeta Bhatia

Teacher, Mumbai

“I have known ma’am for 5 years now. Whenever I have felt stuck and felt out of place, her words have always guided me in the direction that has led me to have a more positive attitude toward life and my goals. I feel blessed to have her blessings and support. Her predictions are very descriptive and accurate. Her readings are my saviors in tough times. “

- Dishita Rai

Banker, London

A SHIFT; in a good way is what you discover when you engage with Soul Miracles. A perspective shift, A lifestyle shift, A soul shift, An Energy level shift, and most importantly a thought shift leading you to be more intuitive to appreciate the miracles all around us in life. There is help always available to elevate at a spiritual level and Manmeet Ma’am and her team took us (the batch) through 2 days of intense learning through simplistic methods to experience a soul search like never before. While the team has been very supportive, Kudos to Manmeet M’am for being such a powerful medium and staying so grounded for us to be able to connect seamlessly enough to understand and adapt. I cannot sign off without mentioning that I was guided to this institution while trying to get closure with the fact that I lost my Dad a few weeks back and it was absolutely mind-numbing when she conveyed a message to me from my Dad which in many ways I could confirm could be no one other than my Dad. God Bless Soul Miracles for initiating A SHIFT!

- Abhishek Saircar

IT Professional, Bangalore

Mam is absolutely a gifted psychic. Through her angel’s vision, she will give you the correct answer and she is so perfect at reading what is going in our mind and predicting the future, and resting our efforts will make us reach our goals. I shared my things with her and she automatically read out what I wanted in my life and what my soul wants. She has given me the true definition of a miracle and Would be highly recommended. As we all know we cannot compete with God but the way mam is helping us that is totally equal to God.

- Ajay Singh Mehla

Corporate Professional, Gurgaon

“As the name suggests Soul Miracles, Miracles happens with Manmit ma’am, her aura has positive energy. She came right into the picture when I was seeking answers to my questions. When I was clouded with multiple thoughts and was running around for clarity, she made it simple and easier by reading about my past life and the reasons and logical answers to every question. Highly recommend her for simple answers to your doubts. She is the light ?️ when you are surrounded by clouds of darkness all around; a truly genuine soul ready to satisfy your soul with true-to-life answers, guidance, coaching, and consulting. “

- Rajan Singh

Way back in 2018, I chanced upon a video of Dr. Manmit on Facebook. Sheer curiosity made me watch it till the end and that was a point in my life where I was on the cusp of practicality and Spirituality. After that, I kept watching her videos and listening to her speak about Spirit Guides and how to connect with them. Around the time, I was having some issues with some very close people and I got a reading done. It was very enlightening and cleared many of my doubts, and answered questions I had been carrying around with me forever. Later in 2019, I got a short reading done for my son and that was very heartening as well. Recently, my son has been facing a tough phase health-wise and of course, I turned to Manmit ma’am for guidance. Took up a detailed reading concerning his health as well as his future. The insights given by ma’am are truly helpful. First and foremost she spoke to my son and cheered him up. He felt refreshed and light-hearted and positive after a long time. Ditto with me. Hearing ma’am speak with assurance has given me a lot of positivity. She is always very supportive, and very patient in answering even the silliest of questions. Speaking with her, I felt as though I was sitting inside a temple and God was reassuring me. After the call, she makes it a point to stay in touch, and continues to guide and support me and my family in every way, every single day. Her prayers and blessings for my son are what keep me going these days. Am eternally grateful to Dr. Manmit for everything she is doing for my child to recover soon and resume a normal life. ????

- Vasantha S

Home Maker, Bangalore

Manmeet mam is patience personified. She is very calm & directs you on your life path & lessons in a gentle but firm manner. She had predicted my grandson’s birthdate without even knowing about my daughter’s pregnancy. I have taken a personal session from her which was to my advantage. Whoever is reading this should without a doubt approach her for her guidance. I would like to say all the healing & clearing sessions I took from her, have definitely made me calm & courageous. Manmeet mam & Pratima have stood by me whenever I have needed them. I am very grateful to them for everything! Wish them success & happiness always! ??

- Sunitaa Damani

Teacher, Mumbai

“Today I had a Psychic Session with Manmeet mam. It was really meaningful and it resolved a lot of the issues that I’m facing in my life right now. She gave clear guidance on my Soul purpose, Soul lessons, issues that are coming from my past lives, and also future guidance about me and my daughter, got to know the blockages that I’m carrying and how to forward move in my life. She even guided me with the mantras and rituals that I should follow to solve the issues and also if there was any black magic/entities around me. It was a detailed insightful session. This session was totally a blessing and an eye-opener for me. Manmeet ma’am truly is a star! Would recommend this session to everyone who is looking for genuine guidance in their life right now. Thanks, Manmeet mam. “

- Abhilasha Bawa

Enterprenuer, Gurgaon

I requested Manmeet Ma’am to help me as a medium after losing a loved one. I was helpless and full of doubts when I got in touch with her. Pratima (her team) is extremely compassionate and understanding. Manmeet Ma’am herself counseled me, the humility with which Ma’am spoke to me can only come from a truly spiritual person. I was an absolute non-believer, but the accuracy and detail in the messages that she gave were impeccable. Grief is hard. I truly got closure and felt at peace. Deep Gratitude. I am looking forward to having a long association with the soul miracles family. Ma’am held my hand through one of the most difficult phases of my life. Love you Manmeet Ma’am.

- Debganga Deb Roy

Lawyer, Bangalore

It has been an amazing experience with Dr. Manmeet Kumarr. Ma’am has a calming personality which really helped me to have a fruitful mediumship session. It is been an eye-opener and a major turning point in my life. The session was quite emotional but healing at the same moment and I actually felt the love and blessings of my dad. She has given me something so precious and valuable that I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you, Ma’am. You are, in fact, the guiding light of my journey. I have also completed my 1st level of the Automatic writing workshop. She guides in each and every step and makes sure that each learner gets all the concepts cleared. The experience one gains from this workshop can only be felt when one goes through it. It is a life-altering experience that has given me an entirely different perspective on spirituality.

- Plabita Patowary

Clinical Psychologist, Gurgaon

“Manmeet Ma’am came to our rescue when we felt like we were drowning. With my dad’s sudden death due to Covid complications, we didn’t get to see him or even have that last goodbye. We lost him in what we perceive to be the cruelest manner. We found out about mediumship and heard rave reviews of Soul Miracles and so planned an hour-long session with mam. Nothing I say here can describe the depth of my gratitude. Mam gave us the chance to convey to Papa our love and last messages and hear his last wishes for us. Every account/little detail of his life that mam shared was extremely personal and very special. There were things she said that no one but him could have told her 🙂 We feel that through this session, we have received the strength to move forward with our lives and to make something of it. And most importantly, it gave us the confidence that though we can’t see him anymore, he hasn’t really left us. The love and his constant blessings are very much still there. Thank you Soul Miracles! May God bless you.”

- Vasundhara Jha

Corporate Professional, Bangalore

I reached out to Manmeet at the time of my mother’s death. In fact, we had 3 deaths in the family leaving us little time and mental space to understand and react to anything and our grief pushed us to find any/ one single way of speaking to mom as the death was too sudden. Her team (Pratima) came in like a family member that time listening to the smallest details and understanding that, sometimes, people can be skeptical about psychics and the services that they offer, particularly if they have never undergone such an experience in the past as was the case with me being an atheist, this sounded like the new buzzword but trust me when the sessions started and then we received that the first 3 messages from Manmeet, our life, belief, the grieving process changed for the better. With Manmeet, it’s not just looking at the past and the deceased, it’s about empowering the family with the knowledge of the journey that the loved one is taking and the journey we should take to fulfill our soul purpose. In an hour’s time, I was able to get answers to our most pressing questions and have been at peace knowing that a medium is there to help us out. Massive value in a session where she was able to relay messages and events that were only known to mom and us. Glad to have found a mentor via this session in Manmeet. Thanks a lot, Manmeet and Pratima.

- Aditi Jain

Corporate Professional, Delhi

Hello Everyone, I must confess that Manmeet Ma’am has immense experience in her field. She has the full potential to find out the missing elements in the path of your successful life and work deeply on it. She has made a shift in my life to such an extent that with her guidance and knowledge I am on a path to a successful life and career unaffected by the negative actions and deeds of people around me. I really thank Mam for being such a wonderful human being and a great mentor. Lots of gratitude to you Mam. I am one of the luckiest people to find her in my life journey. I have done my mediumship level course recently with Mam as well. And again, God’s grace is with me in the form of Mam. She has taken me on my spiritual journey in such a beautiful way that I am short of words. Again, my heartfelt gratitude towards Manmeet Ma’am???.

- Swatii Patil

Healer , Pune

“There cannot be a more powerful mentor than Dr. Manmit for the Mediumship course. My journey with Soul Miracles has been a life-changing experience. Although I have been meditating for over a decade and I may have had experiences of Divine interventions, I never understood the depth of this connectivity. There was this dire need to know answers to questions that were beyond this world. My experience took me to another level, another realm, which I never knew existed. This journey, to describe in words, I am not doing justice to it. My spiritual shopping had come to an end. I joined as a Lightworker with the Universal Force to heal the world. This empowered me with a lot of faith in myself. Being a medium is a big gift as I realized that humans have an extreme potential of getting emotionally attached in any relationship. Needless to say that every human/living being has a life span and when it ends, there is a huge amount of grief that is left behind with the ones who are still on the journey of life. Grief, if not ended soon, leads to illnesses and diseases which are terminally brutal. All those, who understand that every illness has an emotional cause will understand how deadly it is.”

- Kusum Sunil Hemnani

Healer , Dubai

I have reached out to Manmeet every single time I am in a situation that is out of control for me. When I was hit by the news of my brother’s 4th stage cancer being detected, she was the only one apart from the doctor that I reached out to. She recommended an Akashic reading and a clearing for Bhai. The session was absolutely surreal. She shared details ( big and small) of his life that no one was aware of. Incidents and hence emotions impacted him deeply and closely. It was uncanny to learn that a person who has never met my brother, never spoken to him, of whom I have never spoken to her would know such initiative details of his life. After a detailed description of life and life-altering experiences he had, she helped clear certain patterns and curses. A surgery that was being touted as extremely serious and grievous went off without a hitch and smoothly. I attribute it all to her constant support and the healing she sent to my brother. She has mentioned that we have a long and tough battle ahead of us. But she has also promised to be there every step of the way. She has helped us find solutions that are seemingly trivial but impact my brother’s well-being and recovery hugely. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done. Forever indebted.

- Deepti Bhargava

Entrepreneur in Education, Gurgaon

I had taken the Akashic Records service to know about situations happening in my life, why was there a pattern, I was in pain. It’s a fantastic session that was broken into 4parts. As Dr. Manmit explained it to me, it resonated with me. She is psychic, I had never met her before whatever she said was true. She told me about my soul strength and guided me with tools to handle the situation. Highly recommend to people when you do not get answers from astrology go and check your Akashic records you will get your answers. Dr. Manmit is an expert in Soul Astrology, get your reading done. She does clearings, there is a lot of energy work involved . Akashic records will not solve all your problems it empowers us to know the core issue and take help to resolve it. I am grateful to Dr. Manmit and her team, blessings to her team.

- Nitya Sudhakaran

Senior Analyst, Mumbai

“I just had a great Akashic reading session with Dr. Manmeet Kumar. During the session, all I could think was, “God how does she know me so well, even though we have never met before “. Dr. Manmeet nailed it! She described my personality, and strengths incredibly accurately, and she gave me an insight into myself and it was like I was talking to myself , about myself. . In fact it was like meeting myself through her. I learnt so much about my past lives, my Soul’s purpose, and what I need to do to live my life to realize my full potential. It was the best investment I have made in understanding what makes me tick and what I need to do to get rid of my blockages and whatever is holding me back. I recommend Dr. Manmeet highly to anyone who wishes to experience life fully during their lifetime and to actually live the life that was always intended for them. I would also like to thank God, my guides, Universe, and my sister who made this Akashic reading possible for me. “

- Mallika Raithwal

Consultant, Auckland

Manmit Madam is just awesome. She radiates a light that is so welcoming and comforting. She makes one understand the process and the reason behind it, not like just doing a ritual with blind faith. She is a good listener and answers all the questions with a lot of patience and love. I connected with madam because I had started to feel and taste very oddly, not sure how it happened but I felt something is not right with my energies. I feel extremely irritated and had sleepless nights for months. My body started to feel scratchy and rashes developed all over. A lot of release of pent-up things happened during the session and believe I took this session after a lot of contemplation. I am at complete peace with myself and my body is at ease. Ms. Pratima was my point of contact. She has a lot of patience with careful listening. She is an asset to the team. The team is constantly in touch and is always available to help. Lots of Gratitude and Best wishes to the entire team.

- BK Shilpa

Spiritual Seeker, Bangalore

I had come across so many tarot readers, astrologers, etc but never got to know the root cause of our problems. I got to know about mam through a friend and booked the session after talking to the team. I was hopeless to be honest because it never worked out for us in the past. Believe me- every penny invested was worth it! Took a session of ancestral clearing after a deep analysis of our problem. I and my husband took the session and it brought so many changes for us. I am writing this after 3 months of the clearing. You can call it a life of before and after. My husband wasn’t getting any opportunities for work, no one was even calling him or reverting. I am so grateful that now he has an assuring job and we are all set to move to another country. We never thought he could be carrying something from the ancestors with no fault of ours. We were under blame and victimhood. But who knew we had our own lessons to learn and expansion waiting with their blessings? For us, mam is a magician and our go-to person now. Highly highly recommended.

- Shruti Taparia

Corporate professional, Dubai

“I went to Dr. Manmit for an entity problem I was having for more than a decade. I was hearing negative voices in my head, feeling very cold, drained, depressed, and anxious. I was suffering emotionally and physically for so many years. I had tried all the modalities and doctors but no permanent solution was found. Mam is so generous in helping anyone who comes to her and I heard this from my clients that she has. During my series of sessions with her, I felt understood when most people didn’t understand. During my clearing, I felt as if some heavy weight of so many years got lifted off my body. I felt like a feather after my last session. My sleep got better, and my appetite became normal. I was aware of my thoughts and it felt like a rebirth. I feel so much more in control now, hopeful, and very grateful for all his help and guidance. Finally, things are falling into place for me. “

- Shruti Bordoloi

Finance Anyalyst, Assam

After clearing my office space, I noticed an instant change in the atmosphere. I sensed jealousy and hatred around myself and my workspace. But I felt a real feeling of peace after my session with mam. The positivity and a sense of vitality were noticeable quite quickly. Mam not only dispels all negativity from a house but opens it up to real positivity. My business seems to expand as well. I am so satisfied with this investment.

- Sagar Bhatia

Investor, Gurgaon

“I came across Manmeet’s page on Facebook when I was going through a tough time in 2021. I had just shifted back to India and had a young daughter to take care of. The house we shifted in had really scary noises at night and I would feel the whole day that I am being watched. It was eerie but I couldn’t discuss this with anyone since people do not tend to believe in this kind of thing. Added to that, my office and daughter were a full-time responsibility and that left no time to think beyond the next step. I started to fall sick very often and the doctors couldn’t diagnose anything. I was getting nightmares where I would constantly see people fight and then a bullet go off- at this point, I would wake up. Confused, tired, depressed, and angry- I was a mess. Finally one day a neighbor confided that there was a property dispute in that house before we moved in and one of the brothers had taken his life. Suddenly, it all made sense. I contacted Manmeet and requested her to clear the energies of my house. She made two visits and explained the process patiently while the clearing was going on. After the second visit, the house seemed much lighter. My family and I were able to sleep peacefully and things started to look up. The weird noises stopped. These things are real, and it is always better to have your space cleared before you move in anywhere. I am blessed to have met Manmeet at such an appropriate time in my life. Much love and gratitude to her.”

- Rashmi Gupta

Data Engineer, Delhi

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