The Journey Of Grace

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There are moments where you may notice that the things you have worked out come back to trigger you once again.

You observe this happening as a detached observer. You see that the same insecurities the same fears try to trigger us again.

You observe your calmness, your lack of reaction, your being able to see it with compassion. Your response of love to the person, to the situation. So different from what it was once.

And that is the moment to pat yourself on the back, for working out what has taken years.

Years of pain and tears when we knew what you must do, but didn’t have the courage or didn’t know how.

It is the moment of knowing that you have crossed that river.

This moment where you see yourself as the observer, not the participant.

The silent journey from wanting to overcoming.

That is Grace.

That is what you’d been asking for.

This is God’s way of telling you he heard you, and walked with you through that tunnel.

And if you are in that tunnel, read this again to KNOW that this journey shall be.

For each one of us.

Believe it, and you will see it. The journey of faith.

Manmeet Kumar


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